T.J Maxx Haul/Review

Finally a little sun on this cold February Thursday. I hope you are all doing well. I am on day 38 of my whole30 lifestyle. I can't believe how the days and weeks have flows by. Now it just seems second hand to eat and follow the standards of eating that I do now.
I'm in bed the same time every night. I'm up earlier. I work out every day or if not, I don't beat myself up about it. The mental part is the hardest. Trying to re-train your brain to think positive. It's all worth it. Knowing your body is healthy and you are doing the right thing. You are trying and working hard.

I have another picture of a T.J Maxx haul I did about two weeks ago. I must be getting old because all of these pictures I could have sworn I already posted lol. Guess not. (Must take Ginko Biloba or something). Here are my reviews of the products.

*I found some goodies. But I was disappointed with the makeup I purchased. I actually have them in my bag to exchange. Hopefully they let me. The cashier told me I could that's the only reason I actually bought makeup there. The butter London mascaras were horrible. After I tried one I couldn't get it off my lashes at all. I give it a -1 coffee cup review.

*The eyeliners were no better. I should have known. Anything that is like a crayon is usually messy and will never stay put. Which is what happened with the Ellen Tracy ones I purchased. I give those 1 coffee cup.

*The candle smelt great no problem there. ( I didn't burn yet)

*The Sally hansen eye lash curler was also good. Only need to hold down a few seconds and it gives great volume. (3/5)

*The utencil holder I absolutely love. It holds so much but doesn't take up a lot of space on your counter. It also matches all the turquoise in my kitchen. I had been searching for a while for one. (5/5).

*The kitchenaid cooking utensil is also amazing. Nothing sticks. Cleans easy. Love the pop of yellow color to the kitchen. Was very cheap. If you ever need to re-do your kitchen products/gadgets/tools/etc, I highly reccomend going to T.J MAxx or MArshalls. They always have great name brand kitchen wares but obviously everything is discounted. Plus you find colors that you wouldn't normally find at the department stores. I just love getting my kitchen items there. I knew my utensils had seen better days. I wanted to stock up that's why I purchased the yellow kitchenaid beauty there. I believe it was $2.99!! (5/5)

*The avocado slicer. Okay this look cute in theory but was really weird and awkward to use. Also cheap $2.99. But it made the avocado more into chunks. It doesn't do slices like I thought. It was actually way to big to fit in the avocados. Another negative it was really hard to clean in the grooves. Just weird. Maybe I should return it with the makeup lol. (2/5)

*Essie nail polish. Love the color beautiful for spring. Ridiculous pricing. $3.99. This new T.J Maxx I go to is the best one I've ever been to. No matter if it's during the week or weekend the place is stunning. Everything is stocked and organized. I've been to T.J Maxxs' all over and the one I go to now is by far the best. Essie gets 5/5.

Well that's all folks. Let me know what you feel about T.J MAxx and that weird avocado slicer lol

Signing off a "Sunny" Coffee Diva


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