Teavana Haul & Review

Happy hump day people! It's another dark and cold day here in N.Y.C. Been busy since the moment I woke up. Always grateful to have so much to do. I hope you all are enjoying your day. I wanted to share with you a purchase I made last week. My husband happened to have an extra day off which was nice. We were running all around. Then of course he wanted to go to the city to look for something. Naturally after I wondered to the nearest Teavana. I honestly love tea but have never purchased anything there. The store was small and quaint. The staff helped me pick out two tea blends that I absolutely love. The first blend was Jasmine Oolong. I love the scent of Jasmine in tea. I probably would drink any tea with Jasmine. It's color was light. It was very strong and a little bitter in my opinion. Not much is needed for steeping.
The next blend I picked was Earl grey creme. The scent is also heavenly. All you smell is the Madagascar vanilla. It is great for a morning blend instead of coffee if you wanted something different. Earl grey creme has a decent amount of caffeine. That's why it would work great for the morning. I also purchased this beautiful tea cup. It has an insert that you steep the tea in. You can remove at any time. It also has a lid to keep hot. The cup does stay very hot I will add. It's beautiful and clear so you can see your gorgeous tea right through. I've been using everyday for coffee as well. It was $19.99. My husband thought that was nuts but I told him it was a good price. Technically it's two products in one. Which is the truth :).
I would highly recommend Teavana and these blends for anyone who is an avid tea lover. The blends are so pure and organic. You pay more but the quality is worth it. I also had to purchase two tins to hold the tea in. Luckily they were 75% off at this time and were my favorite mint color. A little teaspoon goes a long way. I purchased 2 oz for one and 4 for the other blend. It should last me a while. For the store itself 4 coffee cups out of 5. I give the Earl grey creme 4 coffee cups out of 5. The Jasmine Oolong 3 1/2 out of 4. Only because for me it left a kind of bitter after taste. I think I just used too much. I would still purchase again. You can order online here.

Have you guys ever tried Teavana? Fans? Favorite blends?

Signing off a "Tea'd" Coffee Diva


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