Primal Kitchen Avocado Mayo Review

Happy Sunday my beautiful readers! It is a sunny day here in N.Y.C. Super bowl Sunday. I'm sure this is a huge day for a lot of people (including the teams). I will be rooting for Denver.I am a N.Y Giants fan but I love the Peyton brothers. Yesterday was an interesting Saturday. I was exhausted from running around doing errands. Then I went to Marshalls to exchange some stuff. Purchased an adorable little oil mist diffuser. I have to do a review during the week. After I was back home I proceeded to go through all of my house stuff. Kitchen, closets, appliances, and clothes. I will be donating tons of stuff to the Goodwill. I am glad to help anyone in need.

Now let's talk whole30 and paleo. I am still on whole30. Day 26 I believe! One of the ways I've stayed on this way of eating has been help from a few whole30 compliant ingredients. One of them being this Primal Kitchen avocado mayo. I had to order online. You can't find this mayo anywhere. Rightfully so. It is chock full of only the fresh and no bad! Sugar free. Soy & canola free. Cage-free eggs. It was about $7 give or take. I purchased 2. I wanted to be able to have tuna. Egg or potato salads. Variety is key when living a healthy lifestyle. I try to buy different fruits and vegetables every week. I think that's why I don't get bored on whole30. Plus when you are loosing weight on it's own and your skin clears up you pretty much do anything for whole30!

Let me first say I was used to regular mayo. Obviously. The taste was different to me. I don't know how to describe it. At first I didn't like it. Just had a strong flavor. I'm guessing the avocado oil that's in it. But as I kept using it, I only put very little. I started to like it. My other trick is also if you mix it in a salad or dish with something else like say Guacamole (which I'm obsessed with) you really don't mind the flavor at all. I like that it's good for my body. No bloating or lactose aftermath as supposed to real mayo. I would purchase again to keep me on whole30. I just use it sparingly or mixed in as I said. Hopefully the more I use the more I get used to it as well. I give it 3 coffee cups out of 5. For anyone looking to eat Paleo or whole30 or maybe just dairy free then I highly suggest this mayo. But again caution for the very different flavoring than regular mayo. Give it a chance. I will say the texture is identical to mayo. Creamy. Smooth. Blends very easy with tuna and other ingredients. The bottles are small for only $7, but you don't really use a lot so it should last. Good thing I purchased 2 though. You can order on which I love. They have all paleo/whole30 goodies. At the end of your purchase they let you donate to a good cause which makes me want to order more as well.

Have you guys ever tried this mayo?? Thoughts??

Signing off a "Soy free, Dairy free, Canola free" Coffee Diva ;)


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