Bath & BodyWorks Exchange Haul

Hello my roses! It is the first day in a new month. It's a dark and rainy one here in N.Y.C. Today has been great. Very productive. I did a lower body cardio session in the morning. Then cleaning/errands. Now I've been working the past two hours. I am happy to say I am on whole30 Day 20. I have felt so much of a difference it's unbelievable. I lost weight. I sleep at night. My skin cleared up. I never get heartburn or have stomach issues. I just love feeding my body with the natural foods that it was meant to be nourished with. I can't way to do whole30 always :)

Over the weekend it was pretty busy. My hubby had to work Saturday OT and then we headed to the mall for me to return some stuff he had gotten for me last month when I was feeling sick. I appreciated it but I didn't want him to pay full price knowing that bath and body works still had their sale going on. I was just going to return thinking the sale was over by now and I saw a whole bunch of bins with 75% off. Of course I had to stock up. I purchased a bunch of new scents that I had never scored during my last SAS hauls so I was really happy. Plus it was pretty much free because I used my 20% off coupon and it came to $3 for tax! Then I went to Sephora to exchange my foundation that broke. Picked up a Dior addict mascara as a splurge. Then rounded off the night with a visit to T.J Maxx where I scored a beautiful Turquoise Italian terra cotta pot. Now with all the whole30 cooking I'm doing I wanted to add some new cookware little by little.

Sunday was errand day. Car wash. Trader Joe food shopping. It was beautiful out the air felt great. That was pretty much my weekend in a nutshell. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and wishing you a positive start to the beginning of a brand new month.

P.S. Only 13 more days until Valentine's Day ;) xoxox

Signing off a "Rainy" Coffee Diva


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