Last Week's Manicure

Happy Hump day all! Sorry I haven't spoken to you guys in a little while. I've been doing the "whole30" thang. It's pretty time consuming. As well as sickening lol. I was dizzy/nauseous/depressed as well as a variety of other symptoms the past week. Yes I understand that I was detoxing. I know the detox police were about to say something and I get it. Then I had a horrible pain in my stomach on Monday. I gave up at 11:00 at night and drank some ginger ale. Sorry not sorry. It was then that I realized I need to be good to my body. If something is too much for me it's too much. Everyone's body is different. Maybe this is great for some people and not for others. I had a decaf cappuccino yesterday but followed the eating regimen perfect breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That is my modification. I have no plans on eating bread or pasta or cheese. No snacking at night or in between which has been my biggest victory. I've always been one to nosh. I can't kill myself but I need to be healthy. As well as happy.I was actually crying last week from being in pain and sick. That's not cool. I still persevered though. I have already lost weight (well I think I have from my clothes)so that was my motivation to stay on this but just allow myself to have a drop of Organic half and half in my coffee. I read so many other blogs and articles online about other women who felt the same I did, and quit. It made me feel so much better. I didn't feel guilty. I guess mainly because i'm still doing it. I've still made huge changes to my diet and lifestyle. The way I eat. The way I feel. I will probably do a review when the moth is up but just wanted to keep you guys informed.

So this was Sally Hansen's "Sparkling Water" nail polish. Can I just say it was horrible. Thick and sludgy. Hate it. Love the color though. I give it two coffee cups out of 5 and would not recommend :(

Hope you all enjoy your day and look forward to catching up!

Signing off a "whole30butusingalittlemilk" Coffee Diva


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