Keurig 2.0 K450 Review

First and foremost I want to say Happy New Year to everyone. I hope you all enjoyed your holidays and new year. I wish you much health, love, and success in 2016. I wanted to give myself a break to really enjoy the holidays and reboot my brain. I am always so motivated and working on a million different projects at once. It was nice to just be. The holidays were simple and calm. But happy that I have so much in my life to be thankful for.
Today is already off to a good start. I have done my cardio for the day and now I'm settling in to catch up on many over due work projects. I wanted to review the new Keurig 2.0 that I received as a present from my dad for Christmas. So here goes..

I have had the Keurig for about 9 years now. I started with the mini and now i'm here lol j.k. (Drake joke). But seriously, I did have the mini Keurig and I loved it immediately. I had seen it on Q.V.C for months and was so interested in buying not even knowing what the machine was really capable of at the time. My husband never even really drank coffee then. Now he has to have coffee multiple times from the keurig. As well as hot chocolate. Right before my wedding my husband purchased the bigger model for us since we were drinking so much and it wasn't just me anymore as we thought it would be when we purchased the mini Keurig. I loved that one just as much if not more. The coffee was always good to me. We liked the big water reservoir as well as all the features.

Now fast forward to this past year. I had been seeing the 2.0 all over the place and was excited to see it was touch screen. Bigger model. More water. Fun tricks. Beautiful colors. I even applied to a few free contests hoping to win but not having any luck. I thought the big model was too large and figured I would definitely get the small one in a funky teal color they were offering. Long story short my dad saw it on a T.S.V on Q.V.C and it was an amazing deal. Same price as the small one for the K450 model. Came with everything. So I purchased in the exclusive "mocha" color. I thought the brown would stand the face of time. Knowing how much I redecorate over the years. Brown is a neutral.

I have to say I have no negative comments to make on the brewer. There is nothing I don't like about this machine. I am in love and I feel every model they make the game is just stepped up another notch! First off aesthetically the machine is beautiful. The 2.0 looks huge, but it is actually less intrusive than the other models due to it's curved design on the side. It even weighed less than the older machine. I couldn't believe it. I was so glad I went for the bigger model. I never knew. The LED screen is bright. It's easy to use. It's fun. You can change your wallpaper or program your machine to your favorite brew setting. Small, medium, or large. You can make the temperature of the water hotter or colder. Depending on your liking. It has different language settings. A reminder when to change your filter. You can brew from as little as 4oz up to 12oz. You can customize if you want the coffee stronger or not which will reflect on how the coffee brews (slow or fast). It holds 70oz of water. You will have enough to brew a whole carafe and then some. The removable drip tray is great to fit those big travel sized mugs under which my older model didn't always fit. It even looks nice if you want to leave it without. There is a touch screen option just to brew hot water which I love. I use it for tea as well as my oatmeal in the morning. They even customized that feature with brew sizing for 4oz up to 12oz I believe.

Another feature that needs to be discussed all on its own is the carafe. I never thought i'd want to have a carafe or pot ever again but with the Keurig you will love it!! It's one of my favorite features now. You can brew 2/3 3/4 or 4/5 cups in the carafe. I love to use this on the weekend when me and my husband are going to drink multiple cups. I can just brew a whole pot and we are good to go. But unlike a whole pot of coffee no mess. No measuring. Same one cup feature but for multiple cups. Genius. The carafe will stay warm for a while as well. I'd say about 15 minutes give or take. I used all of the carafe k-cups up and realized that could get really pricey if I keep using on the weekends. The carafe k-cups all tasted amazing I should mention. None were watered down or weak even when brewing on the 4/5 cup option. The breakfast blend was my favorite from Green Mountain and I would like to stock up on more to have from time to time. But ultimately I purchased a carafe filter to use my own coffee (or kcups since i've been cutting the tops and putting them in the filter lately lol). It was only $10.00 on amazon. Works perfectly. The brewer also came with a my kcup filter that you can use to brew a regular kcup with your favorite coffee. They didn't offer this option in the beginning which I think deterred many people from buying. Myself included. Now I feel it is perfect.

The coffee tastes great to me. I have been using other "branded" kcups even though they say you can't with the new brewer. If they don't work you can just pop the top off of another "Keurig" labeled top and it will work right away. I know it's a shame to pay all that money and have to even do that. But Keurig had to protect it's company since everyone and their mother was ripping off their kcups. They ran out on the patent for the kcup and that's why you see even your nearby gas station with kcups now. I get it. I still love the machine and support them. If it's not for you and you are that angry about that , you don't have to purchase the Keurig. It's that simple. There are a million rip off's of the Keurig now. As well as single serve brewers. I own two others as well. I find the Keurig to be the best of them all. The biggest variety of kcups. They stand by their products as well which is why I've repurchased so many times. It is a staple in my house. I turn on from the morning and keep it on all day. First hot water with lemon. Mid day is many cups of coffee. Then at night tea again with hot chocolate for hubby. Sometimes decaf. The options are endless. It's ready to go at all times. Once you turn the brewer on it takes a minute to preheat and then all day it is ready and the touch of the screen. I barely ever have to refill the whole tank. I add a little here and there and mine always is full even how much we drink. I would give this machine 5 coffee cups out of 5. I would highly reccomend. IF you purchase please go to for the best purchase price with all of the items shows in my picture. Wait until it is on a TSV. If not the brewer is $169.99 on it's own without anything else. Trust me you will want to use the carafe!

Have you guys purchased the new 2.0 brewer? Any comments or thoughts? I hope this helped you all if you were on the fence or wondering about the brewer at all. Any questions just forward them to me I'd love to answer.

Signing off a "Reviewed 2.0" Coffee Diva


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