Kohls Wax Melt Review

Good evening all. Its Tuesday night and my allergies haven't let up all week. I powered through cardio in the afternoon. Took my vitamins. Drank tons of green tea and water, but nothing let's up😩.
Yesterday I decided to burn a new wax melt "autumn hayride" from kohls candle section. It smells divine! Pure holiday in one little melt. It smells like a pine tree but fresh not like one that you get for your car. The scent lasted hours. I just loved it. I have to purchase this scent in the candle form. I'm very impressed. This was my first time trying candles/melts from Kohls. I give it a five coffee cup out of 5 review. I will be burning this all through the holidays.

Have you guys tried this scent yet? Do you like Kohls candles?

I must rest now. Goodnight all.

Signing off a "congested" coffee diva ;)


  1. I love your reviews...I will start following and reading them and by the way your review on the Bustelo Cafe really helped me out I was curious wether I should try it or not but why buy the whole can and then throw it away even though I love dark robust coffee. Keep doing great and regards! .-Patricio G.

    1. Ciao Patricio!!

      You have just made my day. I am so happy to hear you love my reviews and you are following. Thank you very much. I am also glad to hear that I might have helped you shy away from a coffee you wouldn't have enjoyed!

      Please come back and comment any time.



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