Homegoods Weekend Haul

Good late afternoon on this beautiful chilly Monday. The weekends just fly by. It is scary to me sometimes to think and realize how quick life goes by. It also makes me hug my husband a little bit tighter every night. Especially this time of year. We had a busy weekend again. I wanted to do a little more Christmas shopping for some family members on my list. Bathandbodyworks had a great deal. I was able to use my 40% coupon even though the manager said "They don't normally do that". It was within the three day grace period so they need to get it together. I worked retail my whole life and it takes no energy, money, or strength to just honor something. Anywhoo before we enjoyed brunch at a new favorite diner by the mall. Me and my husband love eating at local places to support our borough. (Also I live diners :)). Sunday we had to do the weekly food shopping. It took a while being that we were getting extra for Thanksgiving as well as my husband needed to pick up food to make a baked ziti to bring for work. I think it's nice they are having a pot luck since it's Thanksgiving week.

Last year things were pretty rough. I was working a lot and my husband had lost his job. I didn't really decorate much since I just didn't have the time. I wanted to make things extra special this year. I mean I really do try every year to make it beautiful. The holidays are my favorite. We have been through a lot the past 9 years we have been together. Everyday I am so thankful for those good and bad times. It has brought us very close. Needless to say I saw glitter at Homegoods and wanted to buy everything! I held back. Thank god for that line that was down the store. I kept putting stuff back by the time we got to the register lol. Which of course was annoying my husband. He says "I didn't wait on a line for two hours so you can have nothing to buy by the time we get to the register". I did okay. I picked up a few goodies for around the kitchen to make it look more festive. I wanted tons of candles and glitter. This will do for now. They had an all gold sequined glitter stocking for $30 but I just couldn't justify spending that much on it. I'm sure next time I will though ;).
My holidays colors are mostly gold, a touch of silver, and pale aqua blue. It's chic and festive. I have celebrated Hanukkah and Christmas since I was born so I feel this represents both holidays. I managed to get a Rae Dunn clay piece as well. The only one that was left actually. I thought they were boring at first when I would see the pieces on Instagram and how these women go crazy over them. Now I think they are cute.

Today has been very busy and will be all week. I usually do my cleaning all day Mondays in between work and everything else. I will be cooking later with hubby for his job and for tonight. Tomorrow I have to do a lot of laundry. Wednesday prepping for Thanksgiving. I hope you all are enjoying your Monday and are getting excited for Turkey day. xoxo

Have you guys been doing a lot of holiday decorating? Do you shop at Homegoods? To me it's heaven!

Signing off a "Glitter & Gold" Coffee Diva


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