Bathandbodyworks Weekend Haul

Good evening readers! It has been a gloomy slow Wednesday here in N.Y.C. I am guessing it has gone slow mainly because I am stalking my front door waiting for my UPS man! My dad was so kind enough to get me the brand new Keurig. They had an amazing TSV on QVC last week and I could not resist! You get the carafe and a million other things for $139 I believe. It should be coming today. I have already re-arranged my kitchen in preparation for this joyous occasion. I switched my espresso machine to my coffee cart and I will be putting the new Keurig in the kitchen now that I have so much room on my counter. I took away my microwave and toaster oven a while ago, it just freed up so much space on my counter. Plus it's a gorgeous deep mocha color (exclusive to Q.V.C) and I think it will look amazing against my newly painted tiffany blue walls :)

The days and weeks are flying by. That means the holidays are creeping closer. I have been so busy sorry I haven't posted since Sunday. I wasn't feeling well but my hubby managed to drag me out of the house to go to the mall. Although not sure how much of a "drag" it was as more of a nudge. Anyone who knows me knows I will shop anywhere, anytime, even on my death bed LOL. This picture is of the $3 body lotion sale from bathandbodyworks. I bought all of them other than 2 for gifts to pack up. The soaps I really didn't need to be honest because I still haven't even used up one bottle since my last haul. The coupon I had (Spend $30 get 10 off) I didn't qualify for just with the lotions. You see it was an absolute madhouse. There was no room to move. The line was out the door. My husband left me alone as usual :( So I grabbed the ones I remember my family members liked as well as one for me. I couldn't see any more. The new soap bottles are so chic and they were 4/$14 so I grabbed them and ran on the very long line. I felt like I was at Disney Land. At that moment I felt so utterly grateful to not be working in retail anymore. I had done those lines and holidays ever since I was 18 years old. It was time for me to do what I deserve and love. I am very thankful my husband takes care of me that I am able to do that.

After that I went to Sephora to use my 20% off V.I.B sale. I just purchased my makeup and a new nail polish bottle. That was it. With the holidays coming up I don't like to get too much in case I get a gift card.

How are the holidays shaping up for you guys? Are you planning for Thanksgiving? Going to relatives house? Let me know I love to hear your stories :)

Signing off a "Patiently Waiting" Coffee Diva


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