A Holiday Shelfie

Thank god it's Monday! Hey why not? Who says Monday can't rock as much as Friday? My weekend was really good. I was able to just rest for once and catch up on some new movies. My husband had a boys night out on Saturday. I worked out. Decorated for the holidays as well. (Hence the shelfie photo). Sunday was just sleeping late and football. I usually feel bad if I just relax but I told myself I deserve it and I loved the quality time with my hubbz.
I did my cardio in the morning. It always starts the day off right. I've had such a busy productive morning after my workout. I received good news that Amazon picked me to be an AMZ reviewer for them. They send you tons of products for free and they only ask you to review honestly. Yes please! Such an honor. I am very proud of where my blog has started and where it is going. The more I work, network, and commit the better results I get. Just like anything in life. I actually taught myself how to do a blog. Templates. Embeded codes. Adding ads. It has not been easy. No one knows how much work it is and how tough it can be. Well maybe except for my husband who always supported me. As well as other fellow bloggers. He always brags to everyone about me. Which is super cute as well as a huge motivator.
Speaking of Amazon, I received my coffee/mascara order from them late on Saturday night. I think it's a little weird they deliver at 8:30 at night. But that's just me. I will be working the rest of the afternoon as well as doing my usual Monday cleaning. I was feeling a a little under the weather yesterday, but I think it might just be allergies. Even though I take a pill every morning and a million vitamins...

Here is a pretty picture I thought I would share of me starting to decorate for the holidays little by little. I put some Christmas lights around my book shelf and added holiday items. My color scheme will be gold/silver/aqua again. I will also be posting a picture after of my coffee shipment from Amazon. I hope you all have an incredible Monday. I miss my hubby already and can't wait for him to get home :)

Signing off a "Festive" Coffee Diva.


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