T.J Maxx Faux Fur Vest Review

Good morning dolls! Its rainy and chilly here in N.Y.C. I love days like this. They seem so refreshing and restorative to me. I am currently oil pulling while I watch the news. Today I have a few things on my to do list, which I am sure will add up by the end of the day. But I am always grateful everyday to be busy. Be working. And most importantly be alive.

I wanted to share this new faux fur vest that I am in love with. Vests have always been tricky for me being that my biggest section is my "chest area". Most vests in my size would flat out not even button. It used to make me upset and think i couldn't wear vests. Then I jus realized I have to find one that is nice enough to buy and honestly I size up! My mom always told me nobody knows what's on your tag. She was right. I hate when I see beautiful young girls try and stuff into jean sizes they were when they were 10 lol. Hey none of us are the same size. You gotta move on girl! You want to be healthy. Wearing those jeans are not. You will look bigger. And not feel good. I never buy anything unless it truly fits now.
I puchased this vest about a month ago at T.J Maxx. This vest is just so much fun! I think it is very chic and rich looking. It has a sweater material in the back which makes it very comfortable. High neck so its good for the cold. A few buttons and then the bottom is open. It is a gray color with black on the reverse. I love it with my black tuxedo pant. But it easily goes with jeans. I love to wear boots with the outfit. I feel it makes it even more edgy. I believe it was about $49.99. I might have posted it before but I wanted to give an updated fall/winter look. I wore this on Sunday just running errands and getting coffee. I was comfortable but felt I could easily be in the city and fit right in. T.J Maxx is a great place to find stylish finds on a budget. Which is what I'm all about!

Do you guys like vests? How about T.J Maxx?

I hope you all have a great Wednesday ☺

Signing off a "furry" Coffee Diva ☔🌂🌁


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