Natural Sleep Aid Part 2: Chamomile Tea - Dr. Weil's Weekend Tip

Natural Sleep Aid Part 2: Chamomile Tea - Dr. Weil's Weekend Tip

Happy Monday. Most of you probably have off today. Me and my husband are working. It's a beautiful day. I am taking a day off from my cardio since i pulled my right hamstring. It feels a lot better than yesterday but just in case I want to give it one more day to rest. I will be focusing on arms/abs today. I finally slept last night which brings me to this post. If you guys read my blog regularly you will even know that I have trouble sleeping many nights. I can feel such a difference in my body from how I used to sleep. Hormonal changes. Sleeping with a partner. Stress. All of these things can make sleeping something that feels more like a chore at times. I take melatonin. I wear an eye mask to block out the light. Whatever I can do to help me fall asleep. Some nights it's just not happening. I wonder if I start drinking Chamomile tea at night if it would make a difference. My biggest problem isn't always falling asleep. Usually I can fall asleep. Then at about 2:00 am I'm wide awake and I toss and turn the rest of the morning. Well I'm willing to try.

Hope you all have a beautiful productive positive week. Do you guys use Chamomile before sleep? Does it really help? Or it just relaxes? I'm curious. Do tell.

Signing off a "Somewhat rested" Coffee Diva


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