Martinsons (Joes) Pumpkin Pie Kcup Review

Hello everyone. We are halfway through the week. I have so many errands to do later including my workout but I am just sitting here working and enjoying my coffee. Hope you are all having a beautiful morning. I have been drinking so much coffee that sometime's I forget to do reviews! I am going to be doing a brand new review for you today on a new favorite of mine for fall. Martinsons Pumpkin Pie K-cup. I know you are probably tired of hearing me talk about pumpkin spice anything right about now, but bare with me. This K-cup is really good. It is flavored but in a mild way. Not too light or watered down which many flavored coffee's can be. Good pumpkin flavoring. With or without milk tastes good. My best coffeediva tip for Keurig users would be to always brew "flavored" coffee on a smaller setting. So for me I use the 4oz setting with equal parts steamed milk to make it more like a cappuccino. It ensures that you get a stronger bolder flavor. Unless of course you like it light. One big way the pumpkin pie flavor is different from pumpkin spice (In case you were wondering) is the spice. You don't get that cinnamon nutmeg spicy flavoring you get with pumpkin spice. So this could be a good alternative for someone who does like pumpkin but without the added flavoring. I give it 4 coffee cups out of 5. I think it's a great everyday coffee to enjoy. Even if it isn't fall, I would love to drink this coffee. I ordered on They had a good price.

Do you guys drink Martinsons? I find their K-Cups to be really good. Do you guys like Pumpkin Pie Coffee or are you over it?

Signing off a "Pumpkin Pie" Coffee Diva


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