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Happy Friday all. It might be storming up where you are in the country. It is here in N.Y.C. It is even down right cold. I actually just purchased this beautiful electric fireplace from QVC and I just put the heat on now. I am cold and am not able to regulate my heat since I live in a high rise building. Usually in the winter they blast the heat but occasionally it will feel cold. We have tile floors in the whole apartment other than the living room/bedroom area. That gets very chilly as it is. I am hoping this helps on some days when needed (like today) as well as for the beautiful ambiance. I will be keeping the fireplace out all year. It's a chic piece of furniture! Whatever you guys are up to I hope you stay warm and safe through this storm.

You might have heard about the Keurig Kold machine. I have posted a few links about information on the machine. I was forwarded this great review from my mom's boyfriend today on My opinion is this: It is a beautiful machine but it is huge as the reviewer says. The price tag is way too high. A whopping $369 on Also not many people are drinking soda now a days. Which is a great thing. I am just shocked that they think there would be an overwhelming market for this machine. I myself have a soda stream which you can get for $60 on amazon now. The drinks last forever. I like to use to make seltzer water to be honest. Once in a blue moon ill make "diet soda". But for me I just like the fizzy water and I add fresh fruit to make it healthy. My husband will drink the regular syrups but it is still less sugar he is drinking than other sodas on the market. My point is you can get a soda stream instead of paying rent for a Keurig Kold. The machine is massive so where are you putting it? Oh it makes the drinks cold? Okay so again buy the sodastream and add some ice. Are we really that lazy America?

Read the reviewers thoughts on the machine. What do you guys think? Do you agree with me and think this machine is absurd?Or are you dying to buy one?


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  1. Howdy!

    So unlike the normal Keurig coffee system, I find this Kold variant to be a bit dicey. From what I've heard from reviews, the soda that comes from the pods tastes nothing like what you would get from a can at the store.

    1. Hi Matt! How are you? Thank you so much for your mini review. I agree, I have heard many odd reviews from the new Keurig Kold system. For me it's just too many negatives. I don't see how it will be profitable for them at all.


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