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My New Air Innovations Humidifier

T.G.I.F ya'll. It has been a crappy week but  still in a good mood in a way. After all that I have so much to be proud and thankful for so I'm just keepin it moving!My mom was kind enough to buy me this early wedding anniversary gift that I saw on Q.V.C and wanted. I suffer from the indoor heat all winter long. I am lucky my apartment gives so much but it bothers me. I wake up very stuffy and uncomfortable. Anywhoo, this one has a built in filter that never needs to be replaced. A programmable LED setting panel. Whisper quiet design. And last but not least its adorable! Of course I got leopard because I'm a mob wife in my past lifetime 😂🐯.
I will be using it and posting a review next week. So far I'm just one night I woke up less stuffy, I slept straight. It made the room cooler so I wasn't hot and uncomfortable. I really love it. You can check them out on Q.V.C if interested.

Well back to work I go. As well as all day cleaning. Then beauty. They shopping later. …

Last Weekends Target Clearance Haul

I will be back in Target tonight on the hunt for some more clearance items.

This weeks Manicure

Sinful Color "auburgene".

P.S. This chipped off by Monday so I had to repaint  with the lighter color by essie in "limo-scene. 😩😩 I think it was the base coat that was no good.

T.J Maxx Faux Fur Vest Review

Good morning dolls! Its rainy and chilly here in N.Y.C. I love days like this. They seem so refreshing and restorative to me. I am currently oil pulling while I watch the news. Today I have a few things on my to do list, which I am sure will add up by the end of the day. But I am always grateful everyday to be busy. Be working. And most importantly be alive.I wanted to share this new faux fur vest that I am in love with. Vests have always been tricky for me being that my biggest section is my "chest area". Most vests in my size would flat out not even button. It used to make me upset and think i couldn't wear vests. Then I jus realized I have to find one that is nice enough to buy and honestly I size up! My mom always told me nobody knows what's on your tag. She was right. I hate when I see beautiful young girls try and stuff into jean sizes they were when they were 10 lol. Hey none of us are the same size. You gotta move on girl! You want to be healthy. Wearing thos…

Becca Luminizer Review

Happy Tuesday night all. Its been a very low key day for me. I basically worked all day. Then did my cardio. Made dinner and here I am. I also felt so sleepy. (Hormones are creeping in little by little).  Hence why I'm doing a night review. I am very much looking forward to getting an early holiday gift from my mom this week. I will of course be posting the details later in the week. A Target run tomorrow in search of a furry stool. As well as a Halloween bash all weekend with my hubby.
I thought I would do a quick review on a face product that is in my beauty bag.
I use this great product every day over my foundation. I have been in love with this product since the first time I used it.  It is not shiny or sparkly at all (which I hate). You do not want to look like a disco ball. You want to look as if your skin is perfectly hydrated. With a touch of shine.
You can use it before or after foundation. Alone even with your moisturizer for a dewy natural glow. I use after my foundat…

Good Monday morning all! Don't be depressed the weekend is over. Just be excited to start the week fresh, with such possibilities for amazing things to happen. I love sharing healthy finds with you guys. I feel as if we are on this journey of health together. Here is an article I read from Dr.Weil this morning. If you are a regular reader you know my struggles with sleep. Here is another useful item that could help with sleeplessness.

Signing off an "always on the search for health" Coffee Diva

Weekend Sales 10/23

Good Friday morning! It's a gorgeous day out. I love this fresh crisp air. No more heat please! I just finished an upper body workout. Yesterday was legs and cardio. Now my legs are so heavy right now. I am lucky I made it through this workout. I did a Zumba warm up followed by cardio which involved planks and push ups. Ugh.
I have many errands to do but right now I am sipping on some Folgers Vanilla Biscotti which is delicious!

Here is the run down for all the specials going on now involving coffee, tea, and more :)

*Macys's is having a big one day sale ending tomorrow. ALL OF THEIR COFFEE MAKERS ARE ON SALE. I REPEAT ALL OF THEIR COFFEE MAKERS ARE ON SALE. BUY ONE NOW FOR A FRIEND OR FAMILY MEMBER AND SAVE FOR THE HOLIDAYS. Plus free shipping on all orders $25 or more.

*Check your mailbox or email for a 20% off coupon from bedbathandbeyond. I just received two in the mail and one online. They also offer free shipping pretty much on almost every coffee item. So check it o…

Dr. Weil's Weekly Bulletin

The Relaxation Response to Keep the Doctor Away - Dr. Weil's Weekly Bulletin

Good Healthy reads for this Thursday !

Signing off an "educated" Coffee Diva

Sinful Nail Polish Review

Good afternoon and welcome to a Tuesday review. I have done reviews pretty much about everything over the years. Today will be for a new item I am all about. Sinful Nail Polish. I have been using them every Friday when I give myself a manicure/pedicure. I thought it would be only fitting to do a review!
Today has been a good busy day so far as should the rest of the week. I have a lot to do as well as a lot of work to catch up on. What else is new?

About a year or two ago when I was working in the city one of my managers had first told me about Sinful nail polish. I complimented how amazing her manicure looked. The color was so vibrant. Shiny. Fresh. I thought she had them done. Turned out it was Sinful Nail Polish. She told me I could get it right at the local Duane Reade on the corner. We would all frequent there on breaks and to pick stuff up before heading home on the train. That was where I purchased my first bottle of Sinful nail polish.
Now I don't remember exactly what …

Why Carrots Really Are Good For Your Eyes - Dr. Weil's Weekly Bulletin

Why Carrots Really Are Good For Your Eyes - Dr. Weil's Weekly Bulletin

Happy Friday October babies! I am having a beautiful day relaxing and getting my spa on. Usually on Friday's I let myself "chill". I do a mani/pedi. Face mask. Etc. I like to save going to the actual nail salon for special occasions. I have to admit I have gotten pretty good at doing my own nails. I don't even mind doing them. It's very relaxing and cathartic to me. It reminds me taking care of my body is important. Feeling and looking beautiful go hand in hand. Plus it gives me something to look forward to all week. I work hard and deserve it as well. Everyone does!

Speaking of taking care of your body and health, I am sharing this great article with you from Dr. Weil. It talks about the correlation between fruits and veggies on the health of your eyes. Myself having a bit of an eye health scare the past month knows how important this is. Our eyes are often neglected. We always talk about…

Martinsons (Joes) Pumpkin Pie Kcup Review

Hello everyone. We are halfway through the week. I have so many errands to do later including my workout but I am just sitting here working and enjoying my coffee. Hope you are all having a beautiful morning. I have been drinking so much coffee that sometime's I forget to do reviews! I am going to be doing a brand new review for you today on a new favorite of mine for fall. Martinsons Pumpkin Pie K-cup. I know you are probably tired of hearing me talk about pumpkin spice anything right about now, but bare with me. This K-cup is really good. It is flavored but in a mild way. Not too light or watered down which many flavored coffee's can be. Good pumpkin flavoring. With or without milk tastes good. My best coffeediva tip for Keurig users would be to always brew "flavored" coffee on a smaller setting. So for me I use the 4oz setting with equal parts steamed milk to make it more like a cappuccino. It ensures that you get a stronger bolder flavor. Unless of course you li…

Natural Sleep Aid Part 2: Chamomile Tea - Dr. Weil's Weekend Tip

Natural Sleep Aid Part 2: Chamomile Tea - Dr. Weil's Weekend Tip

Happy Monday. Most of you probably have off today. Me and my husband are working. It's a beautiful day. I am taking a day off from my cardio since i pulled my right hamstring. It feels a lot better than yesterday but just in case I want to give it one more day to rest. I will be focusing on arms/abs today. I finally slept last night which brings me to this post. If you guys read my blog regularly you will even know that I have trouble sleeping many nights. I can feel such a difference in my body from how I used to sleep. Hormonal changes. Sleeping with a partner. Stress. All of these things can make sleeping something that feels more like a chore at times. I take melatonin. I wear an eye mask to block out the light. Whatever I can do to help me fall asleep. Some nights it's just not happening. I wonder if I start drinking Chamomile tea at night if it would make a difference. My biggest problem isn't alway…

5 Tips For Fall Cleaning | Seventh Generation

5 Tips For Fall Cleaning | Seventh Generation

This was literally me this week taking out all of the clothes from the closets. I have been dusting everything from head to toe. I even did the windows outside yesterday. Here's a great checklist you can tackle on a rainy day.

Signing off a "Clean" Coffee Diva

October Catch Up & Early Christmas Deals

Good Wednesday morning guys! It is mid-way through the week. Today I have to be here, I am waiting my amazon prime package I ordered on Monday. It gives me a chance to catch up on work. I haven't posted in a few days. I am sorry for that. My phone went on the fritz. Thank god my husband is a computer technician/phone technician on his own free time or I'd be lost. I am back in business and ready to catch up. Let's talk all things October. Halloween. Falling leaves. Cooler temps. It's just heaven to me. Everyday puts me in such a good mood. Here are the latest deals/headlines on all things coffee for this month. Any deals you see now you can take advantage of for the holidays. Put the gift aside and by the time Christmas comes you will have a lot more money in your pocket. Enjoy :)

*October is Fair Trade month. Please remember to always buy fair trade when possible. It supports fair wages for workers and the best quality coffee available. If you shop on you …

Keurig Kold Review CNET.COM

Happy Friday all. It might be storming up where you are in the country. It is here in N.Y.C. It is even down right cold. I actually just purchased this beautiful electric fireplace from QVC and I just put the heat on now. I am cold and am not able to regulate my heat since I live in a high rise building. Usually in the winter they blast the heat but occasionally it will feel cold. We have tile floors in the whole apartment other than the living room/bedroom area. That gets very chilly as it is. I am hoping this helps on some days when needed (like today) as well as for the beautiful ambiance. I will be keeping the fireplace out all year. It's a chic piece of furniture! Whatever you guys are up to I hope you stay warm and safe through this storm.

You might have heard about the Keurig Kold machine. I have posted a few links about information on the machine. I was forwarded this great review from my mom's boyfriend today on My opinion is this: It is a beautiful machine…

My DIY Ottoman Makeover

Happy Thursday all! It is very chilly and dark outside but warm and sunny inside with my new ottomans. I had inherited these two tables from my mother in law. I love the versatility of them. They hold a lot of items inside and have a flip top table tray. They were a chestnut brown on top with a taupe color on the bottom. Which made them very easy to blend with any colors or style decor. The top had chipped even when we first had them, but now they definitely needed a makeover. I was just using it on the other side with a styling tray. The other morning I just woke up and thought of the idea to paint the tops. I remember my MIL telling me she would take brown paint to cover nicks. I had leftover paint from the hallway in the dark rich teal. I painted them. Took about two coats. It was easy. I taped them off to be careful not to get any on the material side. Even after just one coat they looked better. But now I just love them. The teal is my favorite of all the jewel tones. It looks r…