Tuesday Re-Arranging

I hope everyone had a great memorial day weekend. I had an amazing one spending it with family on Sunday and a whole day with my hubby on Saturday. Finally some sun and warm weather! Today was laundry day. I'm getting ready to sign up at a new gym with my husband and I am so excited! I been bugging him to go for a while. I been working out at home. I missed my gym from the beginning of the year. Now we have the car so we can go :)
Here is my updated bed. I seriously switch things around in my apartment I'd say at least once a week lol. I am glad I have many colors to give me options when the seasons switch. I love to change it up.
These colors are bright and cheerful against the summer whites. I just love it! The way the sun sets in my bedroom is my favorite time of day 🌞🌞

Signing off a "sunny coffee" Diva


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