Target Haul & Morning Rituals

Good Tuesday morning to you cuties ;) I have been starting every morning with a yoga class. I have them pre-loaded on my kindle. It's a great app. It lets you choose from already composed classes. Anywhere from 15 mins to 60 mins. Beginner-Advanced. You can also customize your routine based on what you are looking to achieve. You would be surprised, after one session of yoga. I am sore. Stretched. Tired. Alive. In a good mood. As well as sweating a lot depending on how hard the poses are. It really is such a great workout. It deals with your body strengthening and toning. But it also addresses the mind. Your breathing. Keeping you healthy as a whole. I usually wake with my hubby when his alarm goes off. Then I make my bed immediately. (I can't start my day unless my bed is made. Which takes 20 mins based on the amount of pillows I own lol). Then I drink water. Take my allergy pill and vitamins. Head right into the yoga session. This way I can shower get dressed and start my day following. If I wait to do it later in the day I'm too tired or lazy to get into it.
Now with the car me and Anthony are practically never home. We love to go out. Go shopping. We always have an adventure anywhere we go. We really should have our own show. It would be a mixture of Seinfield and King of Queens. I am really lucky to have a man who loves to spend all his time with me.
Needless to say I've been at Target almost everyday! They have great prices on everything. I've shared this before. Last night I purchased Whey Protein on sale for $17.99 and Zone Perfect protein bars on clearance $3.99. The bars were very good. You wouldn't even know you are eating a protein bar. The whey protein powder I will try later in a smoothie. I have chocolate protein powder and I hated how it tasted with fruit. I've been waiting a while to get the vanilla on sale. It has 18 grams of protein. Which is great. Between the two products I'll be at 28 grams of protein for the day!
Memorial Day is this weekend. What are you guys planning? We were supposed to go to Cape May but all rooms are booked. So it will be next weekend providing the hubbz has off!! I can't wait. I already want to pack and lay on the beach. I will keep you guys informed on my future plans.

P.S. My husbands birthday is next week the 28th. As well as my dad. Same day. Father in law is the next day the 29th. So happy birthday to all you bi-polar Gemini's out there. I'm an Aries. I'm actually compatible with Aries & Leos !!

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