Monday Inspiration

You guys all know from my last post that I've been a bit down and out. Sick. These allergies have been the worst I think I've ever had. In the past few years. I am feeling better. Not 100% but almost there. So back to reality, routine, and work. My apartment has been giving me nightmares. It's the first time I've ever let it get this messy. My OCD was having heart palpitations! My family kept telling me just rest. That can wait. You are sick. Take care of yourself. But it's hard. As women we always are taking care of everyone else right?
Hope everyone had a great mother's day. I know the holiday can be hard for so many people. Children who have lost parents. Parents who have lost children. It's not always rainbows and sunshine. For those people I am sending virtual hugs and love your way. You made it through. It was just a day. It is over. Now you can begin to feel "normal" again.
Usually in the morning I'll log on my computer to do my schedule, planning, and get a little inspiration to get my butt moving. Today I found it in the post on apartmenttherapy (which I absolutely love and wish I can work for). The post was how lacquered furniture is a hot new trend now. I happen to love. I think it brings a bright and modern feel to older furniture. It's so vibrant and colorful. If you keep everything neutral or white you can just add a piece or two of the lacquered furniture in your choice of color and boom. An amazing pop without overdoing it. Or if you don't really enjoy a color scheme, this would be the perfect way to go. Or, maybe you adore color and want to do one piece in every room! lol

Are you guys a fan of lacquered furniture? What do you do in the morning to get some inspiration?

Signing off a "lacquered" Coffee Diva


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