Marshalls Haul

Good Tuesday Morning all. I have started my Tuesday on a positive note. Early morning 30 minute yoga session to start which felt amazing. Followed by a coffee/protein smoothie. My husband went to our building office and got our parking spot for our new car. So happy. No more alternate side of the street parking. Woo Hoo!!
I am trying to look up rooms in Cape May to book for the weekend but they are all taken! I am trying to go next weekend for my hubby's birthday. His birthday is May 28th. I found a great room for next weekend so just waiting on the ok from him that he definitely has that weekend off.
Lana Del Rey is playing in the background. I absolutely love her "born to die" album. I played it all last year from September to summer. No joke. I never even heard of her. Then one day I youtubed her (not sure that is a word). I just fell in love with her style. Her words. So different. She had a lot of sad/depressing songs I felt they got me through a dark time in my life last year. But now I just listen and enjoy.
I took a brief visit to Marshalls last Thursday to pick up a shirt for the hubbs. I of course had to look for picture frames for my gallery wall in the hallway. As I always say, you never find what you directly go into marshalls for lol. I did get frames but not for the hallway at all. Oh well. I loved them. My color palette is turquoise/teal/creamy whites and gold. Reminds me of the beach. Looks clean. Feels calming.
Well I hope everyone has a great week. I will be working. Cleaning. Then doing some shopping/errands later.

Signing off a "Turquoise" Coffee Diva


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