Saturday, May 30, 2015

Mini Vacation To Cape May

It is Friday and we are on our way to our honeymoon spot Cape May. Here are a few of my summer essentials to take on the trip. A cute retro bathing suit with cover up from old navy. Pretty patriotic summer tote. My laptop and current home decor magazines.
Everyone have a great weekend!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tuesday Re-Arranging

I hope everyone had a great memorial day weekend. I had an amazing one spending it with family on Sunday and a whole day with my hubby on Saturday. Finally some sun and warm weather! Today was laundry day. I'm getting ready to sign up at a new gym with my husband and I am so excited! I been bugging him to go for a while. I been working out at home. I missed my gym from the beginning of the year. Now we have the car so we can go :)
Here is my updated bed. I seriously switch things around in my apartment I'd say at least once a week lol. I am glad I have many colors to give me options when the seasons switch. I love to change it up.
These colors are bright and cheerful against the summer whites. I just love it! The way the sun sets in my bedroom is my favorite time of day 🌞🌞

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Target Haul & Morning Rituals

Good Tuesday morning to you cuties ;) I have been starting every morning with a yoga class. I have them pre-loaded on my kindle. It's a great app. It lets you choose from already composed classes. Anywhere from 15 mins to 60 mins. Beginner-Advanced. You can also customize your routine based on what you are looking to achieve. You would be surprised, after one session of yoga. I am sore. Stretched. Tired. Alive. In a good mood. As well as sweating a lot depending on how hard the poses are. It really is such a great workout. It deals with your body strengthening and toning. But it also addresses the mind. Your breathing. Keeping you healthy as a whole. I usually wake with my hubby when his alarm goes off. Then I make my bed immediately. (I can't start my day unless my bed is made. Which takes 20 mins based on the amount of pillows I own lol). Then I drink water. Take my allergy pill and vitamins. Head right into the yoga session. This way I can shower get dressed and start my day following. If I wait to do it later in the day I'm too tired or lazy to get into it.
Now with the car me and Anthony are practically never home. We love to go out. Go shopping. We always have an adventure anywhere we go. We really should have our own show. It would be a mixture of Seinfield and King of Queens. I am really lucky to have a man who loves to spend all his time with me.
Needless to say I've been at Target almost everyday! They have great prices on everything. I've shared this before. Last night I purchased Whey Protein on sale for $17.99 and Zone Perfect protein bars on clearance $3.99. The bars were very good. You wouldn't even know you are eating a protein bar. The whey protein powder I will try later in a smoothie. I have chocolate protein powder and I hated how it tasted with fruit. I've been waiting a while to get the vanilla on sale. It has 18 grams of protein. Which is great. Between the two products I'll be at 28 grams of protein for the day!
Memorial Day is this weekend. What are you guys planning? We were supposed to go to Cape May but all rooms are booked. So it will be next weekend providing the hubbz has off!! I can't wait. I already want to pack and lay on the beach. I will keep you guys informed on my future plans.

P.S. My husbands birthday is next week the 28th. As well as my dad. Same day. Father in law is the next day the 29th. So happy birthday to all you bi-polar Gemini's out there. I'm an Aries. I'm actually compatible with Aries & Leos !!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Marshalls Haul

Good Tuesday Morning all. I have started my Tuesday on a positive note. Early morning 30 minute yoga session to start which felt amazing. Followed by a coffee/protein smoothie. My husband went to our building office and got our parking spot for our new car. So happy. No more alternate side of the street parking. Woo Hoo!!
I am trying to look up rooms in Cape May to book for the weekend but they are all taken! I am trying to go next weekend for my hubby's birthday. His birthday is May 28th. I found a great room for next weekend so just waiting on the ok from him that he definitely has that weekend off.
Lana Del Rey is playing in the background. I absolutely love her "born to die" album. I played it all last year from September to summer. No joke. I never even heard of her. Then one day I youtubed her (not sure that is a word). I just fell in love with her style. Her words. So different. She had a lot of sad/depressing songs I felt they got me through a dark time in my life last year. But now I just listen and enjoy.
I took a brief visit to Marshalls last Thursday to pick up a shirt for the hubbs. I of course had to look for picture frames for my gallery wall in the hallway. As I always say, you never find what you directly go into marshalls for lol. I did get frames but not for the hallway at all. Oh well. I loved them. My color palette is turquoise/teal/creamy whites and gold. Reminds me of the beach. Looks clean. Feels calming.
Well I hope everyone has a great week. I will be working. Cleaning. Then doing some shopping/errands later.

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Aveeno Hydrate & Protect Review

I received a mini set from Aveeno and Crowdtap for free for testing purposes. The sheer lotion as well as the hydrate and protect line.
I don't normally buy aveeno body lotion. I had never tried. Face products yes, as well as their sunscreen products which I like. The sheer lotion was a nice body lotion. Good for the summer since its light. But too light for me in sense of working on very dry areas such as feet and elbows. If you are looking for a very light barely there feel with no fragra ce then this is your lotion. For me I only give it 3 stars out of 5.
The hydrate and protect is great for being out in the sun. It actually works on dehydrated skin. It is thicker. More my style plus has SPF 30 broad spectrum in it as well. I definitely would reccomend and buy again. For a summer lotion while out I give this 4 out of 5 stars. Also an added bonus it has a nice scent.  I find it lasts all day. You can still feel and smell it on your skin.
Both can be purchased at your local drug stores. Prices are around $9.50 for both products.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Target Stationary

I found these cute binders and planners at my local target. I also purchased cute heart stickers and tabs to add to my binder. Next time I need to get a few folders as well. I had been eanting to get a lot of stationary since i am working and blogging from home now. I love the bright spring colors to cheer me up 🌹🌸🌼

Do you purchase paper items at Target? I find they have such amazing prices.

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Monday Inspiration

You guys all know from my last post that I've been a bit down and out. Sick. These allergies have been the worst I think I've ever had. In the past few years. I am feeling better. Not 100% but almost there. So back to reality, routine, and work. My apartment has been giving me nightmares. It's the first time I've ever let it get this messy. My OCD was having heart palpitations! My family kept telling me just rest. That can wait. You are sick. Take care of yourself. But it's hard. As women we always are taking care of everyone else right?
Hope everyone had a great mother's day. I know the holiday can be hard for so many people. Children who have lost parents. Parents who have lost children. It's not always rainbows and sunshine. For those people I am sending virtual hugs and love your way. You made it through. It was just a day. It is over. Now you can begin to feel "normal" again.
Usually in the morning I'll log on my computer to do my schedule, planning, and get a little inspiration to get my butt moving. Today I found it in the post on apartmenttherapy (which I absolutely love and wish I can work for). The post was how lacquered furniture is a hot new trend now. I happen to love. I think it brings a bright and modern feel to older furniture. It's so vibrant and colorful. If you keep everything neutral or white you can just add a piece or two of the lacquered furniture in your choice of color and boom. An amazing pop without overdoing it. Or if you don't really enjoy a color scheme, this would be the perfect way to go. Or, maybe you adore color and want to do one piece in every room! lol

Are you guys a fan of lacquered furniture? What do you do in the morning to get some inspiration?

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Fridays Marshalls Haul 5/1/15

I went into Marshalls for some kitchen stuff bit wound up with nothing lol. I always find whatever I go in for I never get. I always find something to buy don't get me wrong. But its usually not what you have in mind. I guess mainly because you never know what they are going to have.
I finally got myself a cuticle clipper. Which is great. I do my nails a lot. Some cute tommy Bahama stationary. A tank top for me. As well as a congratulations shirt for my hubby who looked so cute in it. He wore it to work on Sunday. I will be enclosing a photo 😊

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Sundays Kmart Haul

This was my little Kmart haul from Sunday that I was talking about from my last post. I like to get their brand allergy pills. They are a good deal. Cleaning stuff is uaully on sale. I was lucky to dins Clear brand conditioner on clearance for $2.99. Which is super cheap. I love their hair care products. They smell and feel amazing. I really prefer Target but until we get our car Kmart it is. They are right behind my building.

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Happy Cinco De Mayo

Happy Cinco De Mayo all. I'll  be casa de bed today lol. As you can see in my picture. I started feeling really run down about Sunday night. I figured it was just because I'm getting my period. But my body felt so weak and tired by the time yesterday rolled around I knew I was sick with a full blown cold. I usually get sick around this time when it seems mother nature just turns a switch on. Poof. Its summer. Poof allergies, pollen, ragweed oh my. I had been suffering since I ran out of my allergy pills as it was. Which ironically I purchaed on Sunday with Emergen-C. Little did i know i was getting sick. Go figure? Lol
I had really really amazing news last week. My husband was made permanent at his job and received a promotion as well. My dad made it Safe and sound out of surgery. My sister and friend both also received new jobs.
Yet here I am feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and sick. I can not say how greatful I am for my husbands promotion. We have been through the worst times ever. You never think things will get better. Or maybe they do a little but not as much as you'd like. So to have this. I'm just speechless. But when I get sick or sometimes if something big and important like this happens I act the opposite. I know its so weird. I am so thankful. Then I go into denial or shock. Then I get super scared right away. Ugh its annoying. I always have anxiety. I should be enjoying this good news. I am. I'm just emotional. And sick.
I always have a million projects I want to so as well. Paint the kitchen. Do a closet office. Fix up to the balcony. Look for a car to buy. Its a lot and I stress myself.

Do you guys get depressed when you are sick? I know its weird. But for me routine and staying busy is very important. So I think that's what it is. Saying I'm going yo stay in bed is like pulling teeth for me. Which is stupid if I'm sick I deserve to rest right?
Well I have my food. Juice. Tea. Vitamins. I have my kindle and phone. So I will be catching up on extra work. I love to watch old black and white movies. I'm very vintage ;) I should have been in the 50's era. But anywhoo, especially when I'm sick it calms me. I have the Alfred Hitchcock presents shows on Netflix so I am nice and relaxed. Instead of feeling depressed I am going to take this free time to feel very blessed for all I have in my life.

Have a margarita today for me 😆
Signing off a "sick" coffee diva