Saturday.. A week in review 4/25/15

Good morning love bugs! It is a beautiful Saturday here in N.Y.C. Colder than it should be but at least the sun is out. Have to be an optimistic right? There is so much to catch up on. I just woke up at around 9. My hubby's day's were switched at work so he is working today and tomorrow. I hadn't been sleeping good all week but luckily last night I finally got a straight nights rest. I just layed in bed though. It felt so nice. Usually I am up right away with my husband. Making the bed. Then breakfast for him. Coffee. The usual. But today it was just me and the big bed :)
So I purchased a beautiful queen sized mattress with the bed frame at Bobs Furniture about 4 years back I think it is now. I have absolutely adored the bed. It looks glamorous and expensive (even though it was not). The bed is high. Comfortable. Everything you want in a bed. Back track a few months now I had been noticing "creaking" sounds that I never did before and it looked like two pieces of wood got loose. I called Bob's right away. Their customer service is amazing. They sent someone out yesterday to fix. It took literally ten minutes. Most of the creaking went away. It felt a lot better. I just hope it holds. But they said I could always call back and they would be able to do something else. All of this no charge mind you. It even looked higher right away. Felt better to sleep on. I was really happy. Before the repairman came over, I had ripped all the sheets, blankets, and mattress cover off the bed. I vacuumed the whole mattress. Every nook and cranny under the bed. It felt great. Then I realized I probably should get a new mattress protector. It's about four years old, as long as the mattress. So today I am going to head to my local Marshalls. I usually get great deals on bedding and essentials there for a good price. Especially since I cleaned the bed so good. I don't want to put old dirty bedding on it! I stumbled upon this good article on pinterest on how to properly clean a mattress.

I will be posting more pictures and reviews as the day continues on my week. As well as reading and reviewing some home design magazines. I am obsessed and really trying to learn and break into that career. Have a beautiful Sunday all!

Signing off a "cleaned and supported" Coffee Diva


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