Formula X Nail Polish Review

T.G.I.F all. I'm posting later than I normally do. But I have to be honest I was kind of out of it today. You even have one of those days. The time just fly's by. Part of you feels as if what did you even so that was productive. I hadn't slept last night. This whole week I feel like I barely slept. I go through these patterns of sleeping good and then not. Last night was one of those. Tossing. Turning. Sweating. Thunder in the background.
So when I was up in the morning, needless to say I wasn't very energetic.
My husband always tells me its OK to rest or if I don't have a big to do list. But I am just not used to it. Although today I let myself just be. The most I accomplished was the usual cleaning. Getting dressed lol and doing my nails.
Which brings me to my formula x nail review. I had picked up these two colors on sale at Sephora. The matte color is a perfect nude. I never thought I would like
Matte on my nails but I love love love it!!! It's like doing a smokey eye and then a nude lip. I didn't add a top coat to keep the matte effect. The formula x nail polishes are about $10.00 and they come in hundreds of varieties, colors, and designs. Glitter. Shiny. Matte. Everything. You can purchase their coordinating step 1,2 and 3 polishes. Which ensure at least a week of the polish staying on. I bought them last year. Most of them will last about a week give or take. Some colors chip faster. You can buy in the store or online at

Have you guys tried the new matte trend? Or formula one nail polish? What are tour favs??

Signing off a "Polished" Diva


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