Easter Sunday

Happy Easter. Happy Passover. Happy anything you believe in. I had a great Sunday with my hubby and family. I have a small apartment so about 4 or 5 people is my maximum allowance lol. Unless I was throwing a party. The weather was nice and the food was fresh. I served a cold cut platter with lettuce,tomato,turkey,cheese,etc. Cheese and crackers. An apple & tomato tart for sweet and savory. Then for dinner. Slow cooker healthy baked ziti. A nice roasted chicken. Cauliflower mash. Sauteed broccoli in chicken broth and EVOO. It was delicious.
The ring in the picture is my gorgeous wedding band that I was lucky to receive from my hubby for my birthday that passed last week. I hadn't received the ring until yesterday. It took a few extra days. I adore it. Past present future which are most anniversary wedding bands. It is a rose gold setting. I never cared for rose gold until recently. Funny how our tastes change over the years right? Chocolate and champagne diamonds in the front setting. With regular diamonds on the outside. I think it is feminine and even has a vintage look in my opinion with the rose gold. I just love it. Next September will be 10 years we are together and every time I look down at this ring I will remember all the years and love we have been through together. A lot of them were rough. At times this ring would have never even been an option. This is why it's even more special to me. Why I am even more thankful for the gift.

I hope you all had a great holiday. I will be positing some more pics of food and other goodies.

Signing off a "Very Thankful & Happy" Coffee Diva


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