Bathroom Shelves Are Up

It's April now. Rainy season has commenced here in N.Y.C. I myself don't mind. Spring and rain renew my soul. I always love the healing effects I feel on a rainy day. I'm at peace with myself. Sure I love a beautiful sunny energizing summer day as well. But this season to me is about rebirth. A shedding of the winter. The cold. The turmoil you've faced thus far or might still be facing. Happiness to me has always been a day like today time and time again. Simple pleasures. Coffee of course. Errands done. Bills paid. A clean apartment. Candles on. Some calming meditation music. It leaves me nothing in my heart but the thankful prayers I have to send out to this world. Not a day goes by that I don't say thank you for something. It's not always easy to do that when you are going through tough times and I do have bad days believe me. I know that all to well. I've been living on my own since I was 20. There are still struggles and hurdles to overcome. But lately I just feel a calmness. I can really feel myself growing into this woman I always felt I was. Or wanted to be. On a calming Tuesday like this, those things are ever so apparent.

Let's get to the good stuff right guys? I hope I didn't bore you too much lol. I have been struggling with the love of my bathroom for years. I always tried to get a new shower curtain to make it look nice. Usually I would fail miserably. I guess I was always trying to fix the rest of the apartment up so chic. I figured who cared right? You just go to use the toilet and shower. But having a nice bathroom can really help your mood. I have been wanting more storage for all of my perfumes, and nick nacks. I found these floating shelves at a cheap local store in the area. I Thought "oh these have two holes this should be easy". Ugh. It never is! My father in law had to come on two different occasions just to get these babies up. Our walls were a problem. (Which I'm sure many apartment dwellers can relate to me on this issue). This Saturday finally was a success. I have been playing around with the arrangement of perfume bottles and items. I went to Marshalls and got the mirror, LED candles that have a timer,as well as Bvlgari perfume for $29.99. Yeah I figured I'd just throw that in! That night I was so happy with it all, I went and bought a brand new shower hand that has 5 different spray settings and feels like a rainfall. Ahh finally. Function. Practicality. Chic design. There is space. It smells nice. Looks good. Makes me feel good. Getting dressed is easier. Plus I enjoy being in there now. Which I'm happy about. We are lucky to have a big tub that I like to take baths in. I purchased some extra bubble bath today and an air freshener to put on the shelf to make it even more appealing :)

What do you guys think?
Do you have bathroom issues?

Signing off a "Shelved" Coffee Diva


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