Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wednesday Blinds & Organization & Coffee Of Course

Happy hump day to all! It's a beautiful but chilly day here in the N.Y.C area. I have accomplished so much in this past week I've had off. The last Sunday my father in law came over. It is always a hoot when he is here. He is just too funny. What basically happens is me and my father in law laugh and bond. Put things up as Anthony (my husband) sits and stays on the computer. I know. He is more of a Mr.Fix it as far as gadgets and computers go. Building things. Not so much. Which is strange in my opinion, being that his father is extremely handy. None the less. This very scenario took place again when we attempted to put up some new blinds in the kitchen. Which mind you we have needed for years now. What is it about blinds that are so annoying? Is it the size? The color? Drilling holes? All of those things took place. The picture you see is the finished the product which I completely adore. But it took three trips to the local Home Depot in order to get this working. We also had two floating shelves for the bathroom to be put up but let's not even go there :(. We need to get L brackets or who the hell even knows anymore lol.

With time off brings tons of organization on my part. I am usually am extremely organized person. Everything in my home has been sorted through millions of times until it is at the most beneficial order. Now that I am home for a little while it goes to an even more extreme level. The other two pictures shown, are of my draws in the kitchen. I completely went on a rampage. Sorted all of our important documents. Re-labeled them. Put them in nice folders. Shredded old negative papers. The apartment is now in a peaceful being of Feng Shui. I truly believe that if your home is in a state of clutter or chaos so is your mind. If you cling on to old papers you do so to the past. Neither of which are positive or healthy for you. I only keep what is necessary. And all of those are arranged. Today I tackled packing for the week ahead at my moms. Bleaching the whole stove. Rearranging some items around the house.

Last but not least my most favorite. Coffee. I have tried so many K-Cups lately I actually haven't even been able to keep up with myself. I will tell you the latest one I am crushing on. Chock Full O'Nuts Soho Blend K-Cups are so ridiculously good. I just bought the pack on Saturday at my local supermarket on sale for $4.99 and they are gone! It is a strong medium blend coffee. No bitterness at all. Nice fresh aroma. It's just a really good cup of coffee. I give it 4 coffee cups out of 5. I will be buying a lot now that I know I love them as well as the other flavors. They taste good with just half and half or with flavored milk blends. Yumm!

So we are all caught up on this Sunny Wednesday. I hope you all have a beautiful day ;)

Signing off a "Chock Full'O" Diva

Saturday, March 14, 2015

New bedroom lamps

My new babies that I scored at Marshalls. I love the details. They look Hollywood glamour to me which is my favorite. The shade color goes great against the headboard and new mirror I also purchased.

French Manicures & Drinks

Happy Saturday my lovelies. Its a rainy day here in N.Y.C. I went to Soho last night and had a great time with my friend Jenny. We had drinks and dinner and I got my nails done. Here is the finished product. Hope you like :)

What are tour plans for the weekend? Do you stay in if its raining and cozy up on the couch or is it more of a reason to head out?

Many things to post today.
Signing off a "French" Coffee diva

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Transitioning From Home & Gold

It's a beautiful Wednesday here. I returned a few things at the Old Navy across the street from my apartment. Then promptly headed to my local Marshalls. You really have to go in there every week to find cute tops and household items. I scored today. I purchased a Navy nautical themed tank top, philosophy baby grace body butter, gold frame for my gallery wall, a honey pot, new oven gloves, as well as an eye mask that can be heated when I get my migraines or cooled in the summer.

Sometimes working from home can be worst I think. I am one of those people who do not sit still. Even when I'm sick(like now). So I constantly start 50 projects at once. Then before I know it, the whole day is gone. It's 5:00 and time to start dinner. I wonder how successful work at home people actually do it. Maybe setting a certain time aside to just do it? Who knows. These are all new transitions for me with my store closing shop. I'm grateful to be able to work from home now. But I am very concerned with getting out a lot. For me I love to be out. I can stay out all day. My husband thoroughly hates this lol But then again working from home means unlimited music and coffee breaks right :)

I definitely have caught the "gold" bug lately. I have been using all over the apartment decorating. I used to love silver and hate gold. All of a sudden I adore it now. So I am trying to transition it in the apartment, and get rid of the silver. I find it goes well with my color scheme as well as so many others. I find my taste has evolved over the years and I really love how I style the apartment now. I am very proud :)

This link is giving me life today check it out. Apartment therapy is my favorite site. I love seeing all of the small apartments in the city and all over. They give me so much inspiration.

Signing off a "Gold" Coffee Diva

Monday, March 9, 2015

A New Chapter In Life

Morning all. I can't believe it is March already. My birth month. I will be 29 on the 26th. Time sure does fly when life is throwing all it can at you lol. I will be having a little more time off now that the company I was working for is closing. It was bittersweet. I loved working and being in the city. But some times, I can't lie I did miss the time at home. Or just time in general! I have so many projects around the apartment I want to tackle. Which I will be documenting on here every step of the way. My closet office first. Maybe paint the kitchen. I have to fix up the whole balcony to get it ready for summer. Finish my gallery wall in the hallway. Etc. Etc. I will continue to look for something else as well. But in the meantime I am trying to take at least this month to just digest it all. This is the perfect time for renewal and new beginnings. Spring always gives us hope. I have been doing great as far as eating healthy.(except for yesterday lol but Sundays don't count right?) Working out a little more. I actually felt sick today which annoyed me of course. I usually am the type of person to never get sick. I drink tea every night as well as taking vitamins. Drinking smoothies. Fresh fruit and veggies. But I guess the stress and not sleeping two nights got my immune system low. But I will eat my way back to health. Organic oats for breakfast with some hot English breakfast tea. Lemon & honey here. Never ever milk for me.

What projects do you guys work on when you are facing some time on your hands? Do you try and tackle more right before Spring hits to renew your area?

All this being said I am still very thankful for all I have in my life. My health. My husband. Our beautiful apartment. We have so many blessings. Even though this seemed horrible and I was devastated at first. Now I am happy. The courage it took me to work at this position. The time I invested. The commitment. Dedication. The traveling. I will take all of these things in my life and put forth into another position positively when the time is right. You always have to say thank you no matter how the path may seem at the moment. I feel that you will receive more things to be thankful for one after another. A little gratitude goes very far. It will put your whole life in perspective.

I hope you all have a wonderful day. I am glad and honored to have you all along my journey in life.
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Signing off a "New" Coffee Diva