Brookside Chocolate Review #Crowdtap

Ciao' all. It's Tuesday. You are probably struggling to get through the week as most people are. Including myself. I have off today. I am drinking some Costa Rican blend coffee with Sam Smith playing in the background. The sun is shining through. I will be running some errands later. But for no emails and blogging. So much has been going on and changing this month. One door opened for my husband finally, and one has closed for me. Well almost closed. So it is my turn to go through a challenging time. I am stronger than I was before so part of me is upset. The other part not worried. After going through so much I feel that gives you the right to be picky about certain situations. That gives you the chance to progress in life. So that's what I am doing now :)

Well I was lucky to try Brookside Chocolate Clusters from #Crowdtap. My sister enjoys the regular chocolates that come in a variety of flavors from raspberry to pomegranate. They are about $4.99 a bag, but a lot of local drug stores will run them on sale. I have to say from a scale of 1 coffee cups until 5, I give them a 5. They were so delicious. I love that you get a little chocolate. A little fruit. And then a little crunchy granola in each bite. It is ideal if you are watching your weight but need something sweet. You don't have to ruin your diet or feel guilty. Dark chocolate is good for you in moderation. 1/4 cup is about 140 calories. Instead of eating cookies that have 3X's the calories and certainly aren't as delicious! Will definitely purchase again. I recommend with a nice dark roast coffee to cut the sweetness. Or a hearty red wine if it is night time ;)

Signing off a "Chocolatey" Coffee Diva


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