Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How To Make A Snow Cap


If you are on the east coast like I am, you are probably snowed in today. Yay! Luckily you have off and you can take that extra time to sleep in, catch up on netflix movies, or maybe make a delicious "snow cap". I stumbled upon this recipe on my youtube channel and thought it would be perfect for a day like today. What do you usually do if you happen to have a snow day off? Laundry? Work? Sleep?

Check out the video and let me know if you will be sipping on one of these tonight.

Signing off a "Snowed In" Coffee Diva

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Brookside Chocolate Review #Crowdtap

Ciao' all. It's Tuesday. You are probably struggling to get through the week as most people are. Including myself. I have off today. I am drinking some Costa Rican blend coffee with Sam Smith playing in the background. The sun is shining through. I will be running some errands later. But for no emails and blogging. So much has been going on and changing this month. One door opened for my husband finally, and one has closed for me. Well almost closed. So it is my turn to go through a challenging time. I am stronger than I was before so part of me is upset. The other part not worried. After going through so much I feel that gives you the right to be picky about certain situations. That gives you the chance to progress in life. So that's what I am doing now :)

Well I was lucky to try Brookside Chocolate Clusters from #Crowdtap. My sister enjoys the regular chocolates that come in a variety of flavors from raspberry to pomegranate. They are about $4.99 a bag, but a lot of local drug stores will run them on sale. I have to say from a scale of 1 coffee cups until 5, I give them a 5. They were so delicious. I love that you get a little chocolate. A little fruit. And then a little crunchy granola in each bite. It is ideal if you are watching your weight but need something sweet. You don't have to ruin your diet or feel guilty. Dark chocolate is good for you in moderation. 1/4 cup is about 140 calories. Instead of eating cookies that have 3X's the calories and certainly aren't as delicious! Will definitely purchase again. I recommend with a nice dark roast coffee to cut the sweetness. Or a hearty red wine if it is night time ;)

Signing off a "Chocolatey" Coffee Diva

Sunday, January 4, 2015

I hit 100,000 !!

Happy Sunday. So far 2015 has started on a good note. Good health. Good news for my husband and I. I am happy.I know not every day or month will be like this. But I am enjoying it as of the moment lol. Another notion that brings me joy is seeing that I have over 100,000 views! Thank you so much all of you for reading. Continuing to come back. Sharing my thoughts, reviews, and sometimes life together :)
I will pledge to always bring you the newest stories. Nothing but good vibes. Coffee & Tea. Life. Health. Maybe even a little bit of everything in between.

Gevalia is having a special on their Dark Roast. Get an 18 pack of K-Cups Dark Roast blend for only $6. Use promo code ROYAL at checkout. Offer good until 1/31/15

If you are a Downtown Abbey fan, the premiere is tonight. So put on your tea kettle and brew up some Republic Of Tea "Downtown Abbey" Blends.

Whole Latte Love is having their Flash 2 day sale. If you are a member you can get $20 off. Just enter code FLASH at checkout. Also take advantage of their annual coffee stock up sale and take an extra 10% off all coffee. Just enter promo code TAKE10 at checkout.

Check out this great article from Daily Coffee News by Roast Magazine featuring a coffee cup cartoonist @yoyoha and his great designs.

Signing off a "Thankful" Coffee Diva

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 2015

Good morning. Happy New Year. I'm sure most people are probably sleeping in right now. Maybe even have a hangover. Not me. I don't drink a lot. Plus I was up at 6am for work yesterday. The best feeling was looking forward to going home to my husband. Making a nice dinner and snacks for us. In our warm cozy apartment. Followed by the watching of the ball drop with some much needed coffee. How did all of you ring in the new year? I hope it was surrounded by love. Or even if you were just alone you spent it peaceful and happy.
2014 seemed to be a very disturbing year for many. Not just personally. But on a much larger scale. The world seems to be a scary place. We need to come together and love each other more. It is sad to think where the world could be in another 50 years if we don't. I pray that it is a happy gentle more caring place. I hope that these good vibes and positive intentions reach everyone's hearts and fill them with love.
I want nothing but the best for my family. Health first always. Love a very close second. Rounding off third good fortune and luck for whatever your soul desires most. I am spending this new year off right. I enjoyed a nice breakfast early. Followed by a workout. As well as a nice purge of all things old that no longer carry any value or significance. I truly believe when you purge yourself of material things that carry no positive energy, it brings more space in for good. Ever since I was young it was always about reinventing myself. Becoming better than the day before. Many many times I've failed.Not every day has been good. But it has always been the "pursuit" that has kept me positive and motivated. Knowing I have tried. Things don't always go exactly how you plan. They rarely ever do. No one is perfect. But living a healthy life and being a good person is all I care about. Not being rich. Or what designer car I drive. I feel connected to life on a spiritual level. I am not religious. Never was. But there are forces out in this world that I have always searched to connect to. I suppose that's what we all do every day. My goals might be simple to some. Read more. Exercise. Work more hours. Finish decorating the bathroom. Blog everyday lol but they keep me happy. That's all we ever really want right? To be happy. Content. Fulfilled. I thank you all out there for reading and supporting my blog. Happy Healthy New year. May 2015 be a beautiful year in your book of life :)