Sunday In Review: Wolfgang Puck "Breakfast In Bed" K-Cups

Good afternoon my readers. This week has just flown by. Today is my Friday. I can't wait to have two days off. I just want to spend quality time with my husband. Have a nice cold drink on our porch. Watch life slow down a bit. It has been a busy week. I am trying to incorporate a lot of new things on my blog. I do the Friday run down, and now I will be adding Sunday Reviews. I am also thinking about doing a little Book Corner Cafe' area where we could discuss or recommend our favorite books. I have been reading so much more the past year or so ever since my dad bought me a Kindle Fire HD for Christmas. It was one of the best gifts I ever received. I just finished reading Angels & Demons by Dan Brown. I read the Da Vinci Code first. I know he has a few other books but I got a bit bored after a while of reading two books about Church and conspiracy theories lol. I am on to "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo". I loved the movie and my sister said the book was great (as usual the book almost always is). But I would love to hear from everyone their top picks. Anyways here is the Sunday In Review:

I had tried Wolfgang Puck a while ago. Each K-Cup I tried from him I really loved. Breakfast In Bed is a great Medium Roast Coffee for everyday. It is smooth. No bitterness. It has a nice aroma when you brew it in your Keurig. My husband loves this. He asks for it everyday. He's more of a plain coffee drinker. So this one is his favorite. I just recently bought a box again at Bed Bath and Beyond. It is almost gone! I would highly recommend purchasing if you love a medium roast coffee. Or if you are not into the flavor movement. This will be perfect for you :) I think it would pair nice with any dessert since it doesn't have any sweet undertones.

I hope you all enjoy tasting this coffee in good health :)

Have a great weekend! Signing off A " Sunday " Coffee Diva


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