Friday Run Down 8/9/13

Allergies, rain, unpacking, and weekly shopping. That's what's trending over by my side of the world today. Here is the Friday run down. I hope you all enjoy a safe and fun weekend :)

A good article from Daily Coffee News about Starbucks new "beliefs". Just a side note. . . Why the hell would anyone want or need to take a gun into Starbucks?? Ugh what has this world come to ?

On Facebook? Who isn't ? Head on over to Keurig's Facebook page. Like them and enter their Summer Sweepstakes for a chance to win a brand new Keurig Vue Brewer !

Tully's Hawaiin K-Cups are on sale on

Cross Country Cafe is reviewing Newman's Special Blend K-Cup. Read here.

Also on Cross Country Cafe, you can purchase Donut House Collection Cinnamon Roll K-Cups on sale. Purchase here.

Have your own office or work in one? Well tell your boss they have to get this! The new Keurig Bolt. Made with Keurig technology in mind, but tailored for an office. Check it out here.

Signing off a " Coffee Diva "


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