Friday Run Down 8/16/13

I started out this week with a bang. I felt renewed with the cooler fresh air. I had tons of energy. Somewhere down the week from yesterday on I lost my spark. This happens a lot to me. As I got older and my lifestyle changed from going to clubs every night to being a housewife. I always have these spurts of energy. But then it dies out after a while. I could just be relaxing and then boom! I have to get up and go do something. I am not satisfied unless I am constantly doing stuff. Which stinks, because there are days that we should be able to just relax. And go with the flow. But I am trying. My husband hates when I am like this. He feels I work very hard and I should enjoy myself whenever I have the free time(One of the many reasons why I love him so much). If anything it is a compliment to myself if I do have some free time at the end of the night. That means my house is spotless. Work is done. My husband is taken care of. And now it's time for me :) How do you guys unwind?

Here is the Friday Run Down :

So we all know that everything in "moderation" is key. You can have that brownie or cookie. Just not twenty of them. Of course coffee being the same idea. Two cups of coffee a day have proved to have many health benefits. From diminishing dementia to preventing type 2 diabetes. But now there is a study that came out saying that people who drink more than 4 cups of coffee a day could have a higher mortality rate. This doesn't surprise me. As the woman says in the video it's not just 4 average 6 to 8 oz of coffee. Now people that frequent Starbucks, they come home with a jumbo size cup of coffee that is considered "normal". Plus factor in if the people are using sugar and other sweet treats in their coffee. And that is a recipe for disaster! I never use sugar in my coffee. I only use a little half/half or flavored sweetener once in a blue moon. I don't even use splenda either because of the claims to how unhealthy artificial sweeteners are. Anyways, here is the link to the video. How many cups a day to you guys drink ?

Brew Over Ice, Keurig's company for all things Iced is having their Instant win game on Facebook again. You have a chance to win a free tumbler and you are entered into their sweepstakes. Enter here . Good luck!

Great post from Daily Coffee News By Roast Magazine on Former Marines who wrote a coffee book The Perfect Coffee At Home" . Read here.

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Learn how to make an iced latte from a Master illy Barista. Watch video here

Donut Shop Sweet and Creamy Iced Coffee is on sale this week on crosscountrycafe. Order here.

A good study on coffee as I was writing earlier, how it can be healthy when consumed in moderation. Read article here from

Signing off a "Coffee Diva "


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