Afternoon Tea

What a beautiful day it is here in N.Y.C. The humidity dropped and cool air took over. Finally good weather to do my Zumba in! I don't know about you guys, but when it is very hot and humid out I just can't be doing Zumba or cardio like that. Makes me feel like I'm going to pass out. I usually just do sit ups, push ups, & yoga in the summer. I do the same in winter but with my Zumba when I first get up. I was so happy I did an hour advanced session and it felt great. I always feel good when I am eating healthy and working out.
Speaking of being healthy, another thing I try to do every day if I am home is have afternoon tea. I usually stop drinking coffee after the morning time and I love the soothing feeling of stoping for a little bit mid-day and just relaxing. Savoring the moment. I usually go on my porch. Or read a little bit. I have so many different varieties of tea that I drink. Black, green, white, etc. Most are caffeine free which is another reason I switch to tea in the afternoon. So it won't effect me at night. I stumbled upon a great article from Huffington Post on " The History and Etiquette of Afternoon Tea" by Lisa Mirza Grotts. Read the article here.

Do you guys drink tea? Morning ? Afternoon? Any time ??? Love to hear your thoughts. And if you do what are your favorite blends ??

Signing off a " Healthy Tea " Diva


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