Top Five Summer K-Cups

Well just as fast as Christmas ends every year summer arrives out of the woods. These past few days here in N.Y.C have reached temps in the mid to high 80's. None the less it's been hot ! But I have welcomed the heat with open arms and windows. I thought a great post would be to do my top five k-cups to enjoy in the summer. A lot of people ( me included) still drink hot coffee even in the summer. But I do like to switch it up with a seasonal flavor. So here is my list of favorites. I hope you will try and enjoy in the sun with good health.

1. Green Mountain's Island Coconut. Has a great flavoring. Obviously coconut. It's a light roast. Best way to describe is it tastes like a mounds bar ! Yumm.

2. Wolfgang Puck's Jamaica Me Crazy. This is very similar to Island Coconut but with a slight variation. It tastes like caramel meets coconut and has a Jamaican love child ! The other difference is Jamaica Me crazy is a medium roast. So it feels more hearty than say the Island Coconut that is so light.

3. Green Mountain's Wild Mountain Blueberry. I can't say enough about this K-Cup. I have done a review on it. The flavor is out of this world. It is a light roast that tastes exactly like an amazing blueberry muffin you would get at your local diner. I love it and have used it since last summer. I URGE you to taste it and be in heaven for a few moments. P.S It smells great too !!

4. Green Mountain's Nantucket Blend. I chose this coffee because I think it is such a great regular medium bodied coffee. I always recommend to anyone who wants a good plain coffee. Or anyone who is just starting out with their Keurig. Plus Nantucket sounds like a great place to go sailing.(It even has a light house and the ocean on the box) So to me that's a great summer k-cup :) P.S. This K-Cup comes in an iced version and it tastes just as good cold as it does hot. This is my go to in the summer iced.

5. Green Mountain's Caramel Vanilla Cream. I just recently tasted this one and it is very tasty. If you love a French Vanilla coffee or flavored light blends you will love this one. It's just like going to the ice cream man on a hot summer day, but without the calories and the guilt. Would be great iced too, I think .

So have any of you tried these flavors ? I would love to try some other seasonal K-Cups I've seen before such as: Timothy's sweet summer raspberry. Or Green Mountain's summer Safari Blend. We shall see. I will post any I try and let me know if you guys enjoy these as well in the summer time. I put some links in the blog as well for reviews I've done. If I left any out just use my search bar to check them out. Thanks.

Signing off a " summery " Coffee Diva


  1. Anyone know of any good places to find a good selection of k-cups??

  2. Hello Barry. Thank you so much for commenting. I would say that is a great place to get K-Cups. You can use coupons plus they offer free shipping on all K-Cups. Amazon does offer some good deals as well. You can get sampler packs. Different blends you wouldn't find in stores. I think if you get free shipping, it makes it a good deal as well.
    Also check your local Marshall stores. I find K-Cups reduced priced from time to time. They will mark them $7.99. It's a score in my book. Hope this helped. Come back and let me know.


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