Friday Run Down 5/3/13

Hi guys!! I have been away on vacation this past week with my husband. Today was our first day back at work. The bad part was going back to work. The good part is it's only a three day week so we will be off again on Monday. It was so nice to spend quality time with my husband. We did a million things in one week. Saw family. Went shopping. Purchased some new well deserved ( and needed ) furniture. I even did an hour Zumba Core workout today. Which may I just add was so intense. It said I burned 600 calories. It was fun. I just love it! I use it on my Wii machine. Anywhoo enough about me. How was your week without me ???
It is Friday so you know what that means. The Friday Run Down!! Here goes...

A funny post on "27 Unexpected ways coffee can improve your life" has a greatr K-Cup giveway. Just click and enter. Good luck :)

Thinking about working in Specialty Coffee??? Well take a look at this article for more information

Russian Coffee ? Who knew! Here's a great recipe from Lavazza for a Russian Coffee.

Head on over to International Delight on facebook. They have a Mother's Day giveaway going on for a chance to win a free bottle!

Well everyone have a good weekend.

Signing off A "Coffee Diva"


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