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Coffee " Lingo " In The States

Want to know how to order your favorite coffee at the local hipster joint ??? Click here for a funny list of coffee terms via The New York Times article

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Old Navy Active Wear Review For Crowdtap

I received a coupon from (since I am a member) for a free active wear bottom and top from old navy and I love them. I wear the yoga pants everyday to do my cardio work outs. Zumba. And yoga. They have great prices. They hold up well. You can sweat in them. Best of all they look really flattering ! So head on over to your local Old Navy and check them out :)

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New Bunn My Cafe MCU

Here is a new machine from Bunn that can be used with kcups. Check it out to see how you can brew !

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Top Five Summer K-Cups

Well just as fast as Christmas ends every year summer arrives out of the woods. These past few days here in N.Y.C have reached temps in the mid to high 80's. None the less it's been hot ! But I have welcomed the heat with open arms and windows. I thought a great post would be to do my top five k-cups to enjoy in the summer. A lot of people ( me included) still drink hot coffee even in the summer. But I do like to switch it up with a seasonal flavor. So here is my list of favorites. I hope you will try and enjoy in the sun with good health.

1. Green Mountain's Island Coconut. Has a great flavoring. Obviously coconut. It's a light roast. Best way to describe is it tastes like a mounds bar ! Yumm.

2. Wolfgang Puck's Jamaica Me Crazy. This is very similar to Island Coconut but with a slight variation. It tastes like caramel meets coconut and has a Jamaican love child ! The other difference is Jamaica Me crazy is a medium roast. So it feels more hearty than say the Isl…

Advil Allergy & Congestion Relief -- Smiley360 Connect

Advil Allergy & Congestion Relief -- Smiley360 Connect

Great for allergy sufferers. If you get sinus pressure headaches and have allergy symptoms try out Advil. :) It will help. I suffer from allergies spring/summer seasons. I get bad migraines with them as well. I took this one day and it did relieve the pressure.

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Blackberry Z10 Review For Crowdtap & Verizon

Happy Saturday lovers. How has your week been? I hope good. Well if you are like me and you hate the Iphone at this point and the followers that shell out hundreds of dollars every month for essentially the same type of phone, then I have a great new one for you.
I was very lucky to be chosen to try the new Blackberry Z10 phone from Crowdtap & Verizon. I can't say enough about this phone. I love it. It has a nice screen that is not really huge ( like the Samsung Galaxy models) or too small like some cheaper Android models. It is right in the middle. It is pretty user friendly. I didn't even read the guide before using. You take nice pictures. You can make videos. You can video chat or take pictures either front or back which is very cool. It is fast. No lagging or freezing in the screen. The biggest seller of them all is that the Blackberry has a great battery life. I gave it to my husband as an early birthday present and he has been using it every day and loves it. All …

Top 11 Summer Ready Iced Coffee Drinks

Finally the weather is warming up. I can feel my spirits lifting ! Now to a change in our daily coffee drinking. Iced. Here are 11 great summer ready coffee drinks from Yumm. Let me know if you guys have tried any of these drinks. I love to do an iced coffee in the summer. But I will still drink hot coffee if it's not humid out in the morning on my porch. Before the sun has set. There is still a breeze from the tree I can feel. Everything is just right :)

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Friday Run Down 5/3/13

Hi guys!! I have been away on vacation this past week with my husband. Today was our first day back at work. The bad part was going back to work. The good part is it's only a three day week so we will be off again on Monday. It was so nice to spend quality time with my husband. We did a million things in one week. Saw family. Went shopping. Purchased some new well deserved ( and needed ) furniture. I even did an hour Zumba Core workout today. Which may I just add was so intense. It said I burned 600 calories. It was fun. I just love it! I use it on my Wii machine. Anywhoo enough about me. How was your week without me ???
It is Friday so you know what that means. The Friday Run Down!! Here goes...

A funny post on "27 Unexpected ways coffee can improve your life" has a greatr K-Cup giveway. Just click and enter. Good luck :)

Thinking about working in Specialty Coffee??? Well take a look at this article for more information

Russian Coff…