Espro Press Review

Earlier I had did a thorough post on the Espro Press and all it's great qualities and where to purchase. Everything you needed to know about what the Espro Press is. They were nice enough to send me the small version of the Espro Press and I just love it. It eliminates the need of using a french press but has the same type of idea in mind. Just a highly updated and technologically advanced version. The Espro Press has two filters to make sure that there are no ground bits in your coffee. It keeps the coffee warm in the double insulated stainless steel wall. A minimum of two hours. ( I tested this I think mine was for about an hour. Give or take). It's beautiful. Let's you use whatever coffee you like. And it gives you the option to really customize your own brew. I like to keep it and use it for when I run out of K-Cups. Or when I have a special blend to taste and review. I don't want to use an old drop coffee maker. Yuck. Espro Press is the new wave of the future and if you are a coffee lover I would recommend buying. You can purchase in a small, medium, or large size. I have the small which is great for one or two people the most. Order here if interested.


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