Green Mountain Wellness Kcups Review

Well I am a Bzzagent from #IGotITFree from Green Mountain. They launched their new Wellness Kcups that I had posted about earlier. I gave it three stars in my review out of 5. The pro's are that it is healthy for you, It's Green Mountain, The flavor was nice every day medium blend coffee. The cons: I noticed no difference in my " focus " or any other abilities. It is about $16 a box. It was not their best flavor Kcups in my opinion. I thought Nantucket, or Vermont blend was way better. So I would suggest unless you have a coupon for them, maybe you might want to skip. Since you might be a bit let down as I was. I am still drinking since ( free is free). And they aren't by any means bad. Just not as good as the others. Something was just lacking. Anywhoo, let me know if you guys tried it out and check out bzzagent for great launches you can get into as well.

Signing off Bzzagent #GotITFree !


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