Wolfgang Puck Job Openings

Hi all ! I hope you have missed me so much !!! I have been away on vacation for a week. I stayed local and was with my family mostly. Got to see my mom, dad, sister. All of my favorites. Shopping, dinners, movies. Just having a great week with no responsibilities, no work, just fun. It went so fast and now I miss them all already :( But there is always another week right.
I know that this economy and time for the world is so very hard. People who have P.H.D's can't even find work, or get a job. If you live in any of the areas listed and are interested in working for Wolfgang Puck. Head on over to facebook. Like Wolfgang Puck, and then go to WP JOBS. There isn't much but there are 5 jobs listed. Maybe one is in your area. Wolfgang Puck is an amazing Chef and has a huge line of coffee and K-Cups that's why I wanted to feature his job opportunities. I wish there were more jobs open in the coffee industry and more advertised online as well.
Have you guys ever applied or seen any jobs in the " coffee field " . If so where ? Please share I'd love to hear your hints. And I hope this helps someone out there who is struggling. Stay strong and never give up hope ....

Signing off a " missing vacation" Coffee Diva
Many more posts to come this week, as I have so much to catch up on ; )


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