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Hello my caffeinated readers. There have been many blogs, websites, and companies that I have come across in my quest of all things coffee. I have reviewed them ( mostly only the good ones :) My newest gem is I will be doing a thorough review . I will let you know why I give it my seal of approval and most definitely 5 coffee cups out of 5 on my Coffee Diva review scale.

So the perks: Well first off they are such an extensive website. They offer millions of K-Cups. All you could ever think of. Varieties that I've never even heard of! They don't sell wimpy counts either. Only 24 count each for the K-cups. That is important in them providing the best quantity for your money. They have free shipping all orders $45 or more. 100% price match guarantee which honestly I've never seen any other coffee website offer that. Loyalty points for every dollar you spend. Their top 5 picks. And contests ( which I just actually won on Friday can't wait to get my box of Kcups ! ) .

Another feature which also makes them unique and why I noticed them is they have their own blog. They write the same type of articles as I do. Fun coffee facts. Tons of reviews on machines, coffee, recipes, etc. This is genious because a lot of folks are on the fence about certain flavors/products. But here they can go on the blog. Check out the reviews from people just like them. Then go right back to the website and order what they think sounds like a great choice. This is definitely a smart feature for the customer and the retailer.

I even noticed an educational section " coffee lingo" which has every term you can think of. A lot of people out there are like me (or not) who have their own coffee blogs and they know "hey I'm not a barista". But, I want to make the best coffee I possibly can. Be more educated on a subject I love. Sometimes in doing this we need to know how exactly to make it. What is the difference between a Lungo & an Americano ?? Well they have all the terms. There is also another area that is similar that explains all the coffee words, definitions, and ratios of coffee to milk you need to know in the "coffee vocabulary " section. Now you can be a coffee snob know it all thanks to coffeeforless' blog :)

So to bring my whole point round to third: This is an awesome website & blog. If you love coffee like I do, own your own machine ( which who doesn't) , love tea, hot chocolate, or really anything else you can think of. This will not only be a great site for you to order from. But also, to read regularly and be a fan of on facebook as well. We coffee people have to stick together you know !


Signing off " A coffeeforless supporter " Coffee Diva :)


  1. Thanks for the review, Coffee Diva. How did you enter the contest? I want some free kcups!

    1. Hi Nick! Welcome to the blog ! Your welcome. I entered the contest by heading on over to facebook. Looking up "coffeeforless". Then Liking their page. When they come up in your news feed, you will see fun fact Fridays that they do. If you answer questions that they post you are automatically entered to win a box of Kcups. So good luck, and let me know if that helped :)

  2. I love this site.Its really interesting for all the coffee lovers who are curious to increase their knowledge on coffee.

    1. Hello Koffie ! Thank you for your comment :) I agree it is a great website. I am glad you like. Come back again any time and leave me comments.

  3. De Koffiemachine biedt de mogelijkheid om geavanceerde koffie te serveren, zoals echte café latte,
    cappuccino of wat denkt u van echte espresso? Een koffieautomaat kan alleen voorgeprogrammeerde keuzes afwerken,
    terwijl de ‘koffiemaker’ of ‘Barista’ hun vakmanschap laten zien met een Koffiemachine.


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