4th of July Coffee Recipe's & More..

Well it's about that time of year again, it seems 4th of July and Christmas always come so soon ! This year my husband actually has off tomorrow so we will be having a nice fun BBQ the two of us! I am really happy. At night we can see the Macy's fireworks so it will be a great night. I found a great coffee BBQ recipe from one of my my favorite coffee resources. This one will be for BBQ coffee burgers ! YUMM !
And if you need some fun.. or some new songs then click here for great music. My husbands DJ mixes !

And I just want to wish you all a very safe ( no drinking and driving or using fireworks! ) 4th of July. I hope you have a great holiday with your family, and lots and lots of food ! lol

Signing off a " patriotic" coffee Diva


  1. I'm not a fan of coffee but whenever im with my mom,drinking coffee is our bonding


  2. Hi Cody ! Thank you for your comment, that was very sweet. I agree on the bonding over coffee thing. I really think many conversations, dates, and so much more have taken place over coffee. It's more than just a drink :) Sign up and come back any time to share your responses !


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