Thank You !

So I was feeling pretty good lately being that my birthday is approaching this Monday. But this news definitely takes the cake! One of my regular reads and followed blogs actually featured me in one of their top 49 blogs to read. I feel like I won the lottery lol. I am so honored especially since I know there are so many great blogs out there about coffee, maybe even more high tech. But I think I deserve it, and mine is special because I put love into every one of my posts. So again thank you for recognizing me and my work ! I look forward to reading other blogs and supporting one another as well. You made my day, and my month. I will promise to always love & honor coffee always !

For all my readers out there, check out the link to all the great blogs out there. Support us all. And Enjoy :)

A super duper excited thankful honored " Coffee Diva "


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