Hello all. Sorry no posts for a few days. It's been a very crazy week. My birthday was on Monday , and then Drama yesterday. Yes that's Thursday's name. Not Thursday, but Drama. I think we should add that to certain weekdays that certainly seem that way ! All is well in the land of coffee. I had received an interesting email from a lady called Luba Tolkachyov. She is the co-founder of a company called CoffeeConnect or "coco" as they call it. It's basically an app on your phone you can use to meet people locally on the sight that are signed up to conduct business. Or just meet new friends. Or chat. And it will come up where one another is located in your area and then you meet. I have a few pros/cons to this, and I guess if this really launches big maybe they will work out the bells and whistles anyway. This seems to be pretty new as they are still funding for it.
Meeting new people. If you are not a teen , or you don't have 5 kids that you have "mom friends" and play dates, or in a work place that you like people, or maybe you are even un-employed, new area moved to. It is incredibly hard meeting new people . Take it from me. I used to be popular and have hundreds of friends. My friends as of now: my neighbor and my husband lol. I also like the concept of being able to meet people. Especially in a casual atmosphere.
If you have to pay for service I'm definitely not interested. ( That's just me personally )
They had only mentioned iphone or android phones I think using it, so it kind of cuts their audience in half. I have internet on my cell phone but no apps. And I'm not really interested in paying $300 for a phone just to stay online all day long with facebook apps or this one either. I have things to do !
Safety would be my only concern as well, even though in the video they say "professional" let's just admit there are creepy people out there in the world . And they will find nice " professional " sights to go on and muddy the waters for good people. So I probably would only meet women if I did use this service for safety reasons.

Other than these pros/ cons I think in general it's a cool concept. I am posting to get the awareness out for the company. I think some people will love it. Here is the video I was sent for move info to explain it better.

Hope this helps CoffeeConnect. Thanks for giving me a first look !


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