Barista Prima House Blend Review

Ciao everybody. I hope you are feeling positive that warmer months are coming, more sunshine, and happier days. The winter can be tough on everyone. Today it is humid and warm in the 70's in N.Y.C. Well I have a new post to share since I have been so busy and haven't been able to do a post or any new reviews in a week or so. I am reviewing Barista Prima House blend kcup.
Let me just start by saying this company really rocks. All of the Barista Prima kcups that I have, I have gotten for free as samples, and through a company that sent me a huge pack of all 4 varieties to taste test. I love companies that treat their customers well. That's a plus already in my book :) Ok back to the coffee, I really like this house blend kcup. I think it's a great blend for someone who likes a medium-dark coffee but without the bitter after-taste. It's aroma is nutty with a hint of chocolate. Definitely in the woodsy category. The other blends have that same aroma/taste but much stronger. If you can't take espresso or very bold coffee, then the house blend would definitely be the Barista Kcup for you. I give it 4 coffee cups out of 5. I think it's a great every day coffee. There are so many flavored blends out there which are sometimes very watered down or light. I crave a nice plain cup with a nice medium body to it. Get what you pay for right ! Who wants to pay all this money on kcups and get a wimpy coffee ? Not me !

Have you guys tried Barista Prima House blend ? Or any of the others do share ? Also when you you start changing your clothes/home decor for spring ? Or do you do it gradual ? I prefer to do it little by little . I started re-arranging my closets a little but not clothes. Knowing this crazy un-predictable weather it could be 45 next week lol. So I will enjoy the weather while it lasts..

Enjoy this beautiful day all

A coffee Diva :)


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