New Keurig "Vue"

Well it always seems once you get the brand new phone, or car, or coffee machine.. the next day a brand new one comes out. Now this is true for Keurig. Apparently they have completely redesigned the Keurig brewing system. They are coming out with a new one called the Vue. It looks pretty amazing to be honest. Here is some new information on it. It hasn't come out yet, but I wish they had this earlier I probably would have ordered it. I hate when companies do this !!! The one I ordered was brand new, now a year later a different one. Oh boy, lol.

Will you guys buy the new one , or do you already own one like me ??

Signing off a " pissed off " Coffee Diva lol


  1. Feels the same way! I have the old one but I want this new one badly! Errr...

    1. Hello Office Coffee... thank you so much for commenting. By now they have even more new versions as I'm sure you have seen!! Come back and let me know if you upgrade yours.



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