Saturday, January 28, 2012

International Delight Iced Coffee Contest

Happy Saturday all. Hope everyone is enjoying this sunny beautiful day here in N.Y.C. International Delight has come out with an iced coffee now. I am super excited to try this for the summer. They are going to be giving away a few of the coffee's to try early. If you go onto, and friend "International Delight" then you just click on "win free iced coffee" tab. Then there will be a button that says enter. So click on it and enter. You never know you might win ! I really love the International delight coffee creamers, so I think this might taste great . It might also be a better/cheaper alternative to expensive starbuck iced drinks. My only concern will be calorie/sugar count. If it's high I probably won't buy. Along with the price. But I'd love to try it either way at least once right :)

Well enjoy your weekend all. Do you guys love iced coffee ??? How do you make it ??

Signing off an " iced coffee" diva

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