De'Longhi Nescafe Dolce Gusto Circolo Review Pt 2

Well today I will be reviewing other parts of the Dolce gusto Circolo. So far I have tried the Cappuccino capsule, the Vanilla Latte Machiatto, and the Espresso. The positives are:It makes really good espresso. It has tons of foam on it. I even drank it straight and it was very flavorful. Full bodied, but not bitter which I hate. It reminded me of my favorite ground espresso Lavazza. The espresso boxes come 16 a pack. And are $9.99. They sell them at some supermarkets as well as bedbathandbeyond, and online. The espresso capsules do not come with milk. I guess they are meant to be drunk straight. I tried them with leftover milk from one of the other capsules. And I tried it with half n half that I heated and whipped up myself. And it tasted awesome. I would give the espresso about 4 1/2 coffee cups out of 5. The Cappuccino was also good. I'd give it about 3 coffee cups out of 5. I thought it was a bit to sweet for my taste. ( I had received a sampler pack with the machine)My husband loved the Cappuccino. That was his favorite. The Vanilla Latte Machiatto I purchased and tried yesterday. It was also good. Had a nice flavoring. Again a bit sweet for me but I liked it more that the Cappuccino. I would give it 3 1/2 coffee cups.
The pro's are convenience just like kcups. The price for espresso is about $.62 a serving which rivals a $4 espresso at starbucks or any other fru fru coffee shop which is great if you are on a budget. Plus not every day I want espresso so it could really stretch in a month. The other drinks I won't really purchase since this machine for me is strictly espresso ( although maybe here and there for my hubby lol). But those are the same price $9.99 for 16 capsules. But half are coffee half are milk. I love the idea of using the single serve milk capsules with the coffee or espresso . It brews amazing frothy milk like nothing I've ever seen. But the cons are: They don't sell the milk capsules by themselves which stinks. I hope they think of that idea one day. But honestly you can use your own milks and get a frother like i did at Ikea for 1.99 and it will still be flavorful espresso drinks.
So all in all for espresso drinks definitely an amazing machine. If you don't want to fuss , and you want the option to have an espresso drink whenever you want, for cheap in the comfort of your home. This is the machine for you. Or if you want a specialty drink to treat yourself. Or you lean more towards sweet drinks. I would also say this might be better for you than the Keurig as well.

Signing off a " coffee Diva "


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