De'Longhi Dolce Gusto Circolo Review Pt 3

So with this Espresso maker, they have a rewards program which is really cool. Pretty much every box you buy of espresso, coffee, etc, there is a promo code number all the way inside the box. When you first receive your machine, you will register it online along with the warranty ( which is for 2 years so that is another plus). Then you just type in your codes and you get 10 points each per box. Then when you reach 100 points you can cash them in for a free box of coffee or a carousel that holds the coffee pods. I like this a lot! I feel that all the money you spend on the coffee, and the maker the least they could do is offer you some coupons, or freebies right ? I wish Keurig had this system as well. All the boxes of kcups I've bought over the past 2/ 3 years I definitely would have had a few free by now ! Plus when you register for the first time just for buying the machine, they send you a free box of coffee. I ordered Caramel. Machiatto. I like to know that my hard earned money is going to something that gives back you know. So I was very excited about this.
The only draw back is there aren't nearly as many varieties of coffee as there are kcups. But you have to remember this machine is way more advanced being that it is an espresso maker. So they haven't developed as many flavors I guess. I don't mind myself because again I'm really only using it for espresso. The specialty drinks are cool for my hubby that he loves sweet stuff. But if you are looking for that big variety over quality maybe you should go more for a Keurig.
The machine has a slight noise but that is just the bars pumping pressure to make incredible foam on your espresso as well as regular coffee drinks and the milk.
Another point I think I forgot to mention in the first 2 parts. This machine let's you completely customize your brew. When you order the machine it comes a few "cheat sheets" that have colored pictures and tell you exactly how to brew every drink. ( which is very helpful). It might tell you 2 oz for a shot of espresso. But there is a lever on top that let's you go stronger, or lighter depending on how you like our coffee. I really like this option as well because it leaves you in control. Satisfies everyone's taste whether they like it really strong, or really light. Plus you feel more like a barista , whipping up your own concoctions. And who knows maybe today you want a stronger espresso that you are feeling really tired. But tomorrow, not so much. So this gives you a million options to play with. Plus on top it goes either hot or cold. So summer time I can make iced espresso's !! So for me this is a huge plus :)

Well I hope this 3 part review helped if you were interested in buying but wasn't sure if it was for you or not. If I forgot to cover any topics just shoot me a comment and I'd love to help :)

Signing off a " coffee Diva "


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