Hawaiin Hazelnut Kcup Review

Seasons Greetings :) My dad recently got me a few boxes of kcups, one of them being Wolfgang Puck's Hawaiian Hazelnut . This is my new favorite kcup. Sometimes I have to admit I am very picky when it comes to Hazelnut. I don't always love all of them. So I was really surprised to love the flavor. IT was Hazelnut but tasted more rich, and not generic or cheap. It had a nice medium bodied roast so it held up well , and didn't make the Hazelnut seem "watered down " or weak. I think it would be great in the summer iced, or now in the winter to brighten up your mood in winter when you get a bit blah. I give it a solid 4 coffee cups out of 5. I really love it, and my husband did . If you are a Hazelnut fan, you will adore this. Definitely the best Hazelnut kcup so far in my opinion.

Question of the day.. What is your favorite part of December ? The cold? The holidays?

Signing off a " Hawaiian " coffee Diva


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