Happy New Year !

I just wanted to wish everyone a very healthy new year. In case I don't post anything this weekend. 2011 was a great year for me. It was good most of the whole year ( which is rare lol). Other than a few months that seemed a bit down in the summer and getting very sick on last new years eve. I over came it like I always do :)I am just thankful to celebrate for the simple things in life. My husband still having a good job in this horrible economy. All of our bills being paid and on track. Having a beautiful apartment to live in. Being healthy !!My family. Having my sister and husband in my life who are both my angels .. . I hope everyone can be thankful for all they have in their lives as well and enjoy a beautiful weekend. ( Safe of course No Drinking & Driving !! )

Signing off an " excited to ring in 2012 " Coffee Diva
Remember no matter what you are going through in life, you have the right to celebrate every day.No matter how small it might seem to celebrate. It is still worth it. Not just new years eve. Don't let anyone get you down. And if you are going through a rough time hang tight. It has to get really dark sometimes before you can ever see the light ... love, healthy, happiness and hope for the world!


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