Friday Run Down 12/2/11

Illy is running a great deal today for a beautiful autmoatic espresso machine regularly $395 on sale for $245 today.

If you have a Keurig brewing machine, or you want one. Log on to to , Like Keurig, and sign up for your "keurig wish list". You can put as many items on there and this way your family & friends will know exactly what to get you this year !

If you love adding flavored milks to your coffee, log on to to get coffee mate creamer single shots. It's a great way to spruce up your coffee. Add variety, and they stay fresher then buying the cold milk version. I am thinking about trying the peppermint flavor for the holidays :)

Want to give, but also give back ?? Well here is the Fair trade holiday gift list. Now you can support local farmers and communities while getting your family and friends a high quality product !

Have a beautiful seasonal weekend all :) Enjoy this time of year ...Spread love and happiness to all !!

Signing off a " coffee " Diva


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