The Attendee Project

Happy Holidays. Hope everyone had a festive Christmas & Hanukkah. New Year's Eve is this weekend. I am very excited. Last year I got very sick out of no where on New Year's Eve. I almost went to the hospital with a 102 fever. Thank god it broke. And I was ok. Just very very weak. Thank god my husband was there by my side the whole time. So I am just happy to be healthy this year. No big crazy plans. Just me and my husband, what I love most. I feel me and my husband have overcome so much in our life. And it is our time to celebrate. Be thankful. And live life happy. The way it was meant to.....
Does coffee mean the world to you ? ( me too) Well you can have a chance now to shine, and show your love for coffee. " The Attendee Project Contest". Enter for a chance to win $500. That could buy a lot of coffee :)

Signing off a Coffee Diva


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